What’s On


Local events we are aware of are listed below, generally for the month ahead.  You can also use Labour’s national search facility to find any Labour Party events which have been notified to the Party, or contact your Branch to find out what’s going on in your immediate neighbourhood.  If you want more information, call our Brighton office on 01273 806773.  The office is staffed daily.  If you want to talk to volunteers from Pavilion, best to call on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


10.30am, Saturday 17 MarchSPNL Branch members’ meeting at the Brighthelm Centre.

7.30pm, Tuesday 20 March – HEG Branch  members’ meeting with discussion topic: Brexit – Where are we now?  At Village Cafe, Islingword Street.

7.45pm, Tuesday 20 March – Withdean Labour members’ meeting

7pm – 8pm, Wednesday 21 March – Pavilion Youth Forum casual meeting at 11 Dorset Street.  Drop by for a snack and a chat!

7.30pm, Wednesday 21 March – Hollingdean & Stanmer Labour members’ meeting

4.30pm, Thursday 22 MarchPavilion Disabled Members’ Forum at the Friends’ Meeting House.

7.30pm, Thursday 22 MarchPavilion Women’s Forum at the Friends’ Meeting House.

7pm, Friday 23 MarchPavilion Labour Social with karaoke, nibbles, chat, music and bar at Café Werks, Middle Street, Brighton BN1 1AL.

Friday 23 March – deadline for the second round of submissions to the Labour Party Democracy Review.

11am, Saturday 24 MarchPreston Park Labour members’ meeting and campaign training at BHASVIC Refectory, followed by campaigning session.

7pm – 9pm, Tuesday 27 March – B&H BAME Labour Forum  at 99 Church Road, Hove BN3.  Light refreshments available.

7.30pm, Wednesday 28 March – BH Local Campaign Forum at Friends’ Meeting House.

11.30am, Sunday 8 April – informal meeting of Preston Park Labour women.

7.30pm, Thursday 12 April – Pavilion Labour General Committee meeting at the Friends’ Meeting House, preceded by a short policy discussion starting at 7pm.  Delegates can register from 6.45pm.

Saturday 14 AprilKeep Our Ticket Offices Open – Pavilion Labour Campaign Day

6.30pm, Tuesday 17 AprilSPNL Branch members’ meeting

7.30pm, Thursday 26 April – HEG Branch  members’ meeting with discussion, at Church of the Annunciation, Washington Street.

8pm, Thursday 26 AprilPreston Park Labour members’ meeting.

6.30pm, Tuesday 1 MaySPNL Branch members’ meeting (tbc)

7.30pm, Tuesday 22 May – HEG Branch  members’ meeting with discussion, at Church of the Annunciation, Washington Street.

10.30am, Saturday 2 JuneSPNL Branch members’ meeting

7.30pm, Thursday 14 June – HEG Branch  members’ meeting with discussion, at Church of the Annunciation, Washington Street.

Saturday 23 JunePavilion Women’s, Youth and Disabled Members’ Forums all meeting at Community Base.

6.30pm, Tuesday 3 JulySPNL Branch members’ meeting.

2018 calendar:

Campaign Saturdays: 14 April, 12 May, 2 June, 7 July, 4 August, 1 September, 6 October, 3 November, 1 December.

In addition, the Local Campaign Forum (LCF) will be organising extra campaign days on 24 March, 21 April, 19 May, 16 June, 14 July, 18 August, 22 September, 20 October, 17 November, 15 December.

GC meetings: Thursday 12 April, Thursday 10 May, Saturday 9 June, Thursday 12 July, Thursday 6 September, Saturday 13 October, Thursday 8 November, Saturday 8 December (AGM).  The first GC meeting in 2019 is expected to be on Saturday 12 January and an early 2019 GC meeting will be asked to approve a calendar of meetings for that year, which will then appear here.

Timings shown include the policy discussions which usually precede the start of the formal GC meeting.  Saturday GCs will normally run from 11.45am – 1.45pm and Thursday GCs will run from 7.30pm – 9.30pm, but delegates should always check the papers circulated for the start time of each meeting.

EC meetings: Tuesday 3 April, Monday 30 April, Tuesday 29 May (tbc), Monday 2 July, Tuesday 28 August (tbc), Monday 1 October, Monday 29 October, Monday 26 November.  EC meetings normally run from 7pm – 9pm.

Business deadlines for branches and affiliates to table items at the GC: 11am on Thursday 29 March, Thursday 26 April, Saturday 26 May, Thursday 28 June, Thursday 23 August, Saturday 29 September, Thursday 25 October, Saturday 24 November.