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Local events we are aware of are listed below, generally for the month ahead.  You can also use Labour’s national search facility to find any Labour Party events which have been notified to the Party, or contact your Branch to find out what’s going on in your immediate neighbourhood.  If you want more information, call our Brighton office on 01273 806773 option 3.  However, as the office is not being staffed as usual during the coronavirus crisis, you are encouraged to contact Pavilion Labour by email to together@pavilionlabour.org.uk so that our Secretary, Tim, can deal with your queries.

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Saying thank you to NHS staff coping with COVID-19 was a top priority for Pavilion Labour members at our February 2020 AGM.

March 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

In light of the spread of coronavirus, Jennie Formby, the Labour Party General Secretary, has advised all local Labour Parties (or ‘CLPs’) including Brighton Pavilion Labour Party, to cancel CLP meetings and suspend campaigning.  You can find Jennie’s letter to CLP Secretary’s here.

Accordingly, all Pavilion Labour meetings are cancelled until alternative guidance is issued by either the General Secretary, or the Labour Party National Executive Committee, or Labour South East.

Consequently, our CLP General Committee (‘GC’) meetings scheduled for 18 March and 16 April have been cancelled.  (Our AGM remains booked for 12 December 2020.)

Members can be assured that the officers will be exploring alternative options and will call a GC meeting as soon as it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, Pavilion Labour wishes everyone the best of health. For health information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19), read the NHS online pages here.

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Saying thank you to NHS staff coping with COVID-19 was a top priority for Pavilion Labour members at our February 2020 AGM.



Please check for updates but, currently, due to coronavirus our next scheduled meeting is:


10am, Saturday 12 December – Pavilion Labour AGM – a meeting of the CLP’s General Committee, at the Friends’ Meeting House. 10am – registration; 10.30am – meeting starts.


NHS staff solidarity



2020 CLP calendar:


Campaign days:  These have yet to be agreed for 2020 as Labour Party campaigning is currently suspended due to coronavirus.

GC meetings: the scheduled meetings of the General Committee (or ‘GC’) in March and April 2020 have been cancelled due to coronavirus.  No further GC meetings have yet been scheduled until the CLP AGM to be held on Saturday 12 December 2020.  The officers will be exploring alternative arrangements within the guidance issued by the General Secretary.

Timings will vary depending on venue and whether a policy discussion is being held either before or after the GC.  Normally Saturday GCs will run between 10am – 1pm and weekday GCs usually run between from 7pm – 9.30pm, but times can vary.  Delegates should always check the papers circulated for the start time of each meeting.

EC meetings: EC meetings are normally held approximately ten days before each GC.  The scheduled April meeting of the EC has been cancelled due to coronavirus.  Subsequent meetings will depend on the calendar of GC meetings for 2020.  (EC meetings normally run either from 4pm – 6pm on Sundays or 7pm – 9pm on weekdays.)

Business deadlines for branches and affiliates to table items at the GC: 11am a fortnight before the meeting date.  NB: Unless stated otherwise when formal notice for the CLP AGM is issued (in early November), the deadline for business to be submitted for the CLP AGM is 9am on Saturday 28 November 2020.