All policy resolutions agreed by our General Committee (GC) – the policy-making body of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party – will be made available here unless the GC decides otherwise.  Shorter motions are shown in full below.  Longer motions can be viewed via the links or attachments provided.  Policy is set in the context of our rules, which you can find here.

Support for Disabled People in the Labour Party – on 8 November 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC accepted in full the latest report from our Disabled Members’ Forum.  This report took the form of a resolution and was agreed nem con by our GC.

Support Dis Membs_08.11.18

Labour Must Scrap Universal Credit – Pavilion Labour welcomes the statements by Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP that the Tories’ flagship Universal Credit policy is “shambolic”, “unsustainable” and “has to go” and calls on our Party’s leaders to unequivocally pledge the next Labour Government to scrap Universal Credit.  As agreed nem con by our GC on 13 October 2018, Pavilion Labour further calls on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to organise a national campaign day on this issue.

Labour must scrap UC_13.10.18

Older People’s Issues and the Manifesto – on 13 October 2018, Pavilion Labour resolved unanimously “to ensure that there is comprehensive cover of issues relating to older people in the local Labour Party manifesto.”

Support for Brighton BFAWU Workers at Wetherspoon’s Pubs – after agreeing an amendment nem con to make a £200 donation to the Wetherspoon’s workers’ strike fund, on 13 October 2018, Pavilion Labour unanimously expressed its unequivocal support for Brighton Wetherspoon’s workers seeking fair pay and recognition of their union, the BFAWU.

Support Wetherspoons Workers_13.10.18

To Denounce Discrimination in all its Forms – highlighting the Code of Conduct for Labour Party members, Pavilion Labour agreed nem con on 13 October 2018 to actively criticise, educate and challenge any instance of discriminatory behaviour.

Denounce all discrimination_13.10.18

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions for Palestine – resolution adopted nem con at Pavilion Labour GC meeting on 13 October 2018:

BDS for Palestine_13.10.18

Parliamentary Boundary Changes – Pavilion Labour’s Executive Committee met on 17 September 2018.  In furtherance of the instruction previously given by the General Committee to oppose the ludicrous proposals on parliamentary boundary changes for Brighton and Hove,  and specifically in response to the final report of the Boundary Commission for England published 10 September 2018, our Party’s Executive unanimously agreed to submit this emergency motion to 2018 Labour Conference:

emergency motion to #Lab18

For An Inclusive Labour Party – on 6 September 2018 this summary of our Party’s policy on support for transgender people in the Labour Party was agreed overwhelmingly as Pavilion Labour’s policy resolution to be submitted to the biennial Regional Conference of Labour South East, which will be held in Southampton on 3-4 November 2018.

Inclusive LP_Reg Conf_06.09.18

Free Our Trade Unions – Pavilion Labour believes that free trade unions and trades union rights are one of the most important issues for the whole labour movement.  This motion supporting Labour Party policy to repeal anti-union laws was agreed unanimously by our General Committee on 6 September 2018:

Free Our TUs_06.09.18

To Alleviate Period Poverty in Brighton and Hove Schools – as unanimously agreed on 12 July 2018, Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party asks Brighton and Hove Council to implement a policy for the distribution of free sanitary products to all primary, secondary, sixth form schools and further education colleges, to counter period poverty.  We see this as an integral part of the Council’s Health and Wellbeing strategy

Abortion and Northern Ireland – as unanimously agreed on 12 July 2018, Pavilion Labour believes that it is time for legislation to ensure women in Northern Ireland have equal human rights.

Abortion NI_Period poverty_12.07.18

The Expulsion of Marc Wadsworth from the Labour Party – Pavilion Labour questions the handling of the disciplinary case brought by the Labour Party against longstanding anti-racist campaigner Marc Wadsworth, which caused concern to the overwhelmingly majority of members of our ruling General Committee at its meeting on 12 July 2018.

Marc Wadsorth_12.07.18

To be Safe and Secure, Our Railways Need Staff – Pavilion Labour’s GC asked our Women’s Forum to decide the resolution to be submitted by Brighton Pavilion CLP to Labour’s 2018 Women’s Conference.  On 23 June 2018, Pavilion Labour Women agreed to submit a motion on one of the biggest issues facing everyone in Brighton and Hove – our train services.  This especially focuses on issues of importance to women, who are increasingly excluded from rail travel by safety and security fears – as rail staff have disappeared from our stations and trains under Tory-backed private rail.  Our railways need staff to keep passengers safe and ensure independent travel is accessible for all.  For that, we need a Labour Government to return Britain’s railways to public ownership and put passengers before profit.

Railways need staff to be safe_23.06.18

NPF_LOGO_800x525Labour Policy Forum – all Pavilion Labour’s submissions to the National Policy Forum’s 2018 consultation are publicly available on the Policy Forum website.  The CLP made 36 submissions to the consultation, each based either on policy adopted by our ruling General Committee, or the local members’ policy forums held during April – June 2018.

Council Support for Schools – when our GC met on 9 June 2018, Pavilion Labour members agreed unanimously to call on Labour councilors to do everything in their power to save Brighton & Hove’s schools from devastating Tory funding cuts, which threaten further massive job losses and compromise educational standards for an entire generation.

Council Support for Schools_09.06.18

Rights of Palestinian Protesters – “This CLP is appalled at the massacre of dozens of Palestinian protesters on 14th May 2018, and the wounding of thousands. Palestinians were protesting against the provocative decision by the US government to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel and the Nakba – the uprooting of the Palestinian people in 1948 – by moving its embassy to Jerusalem, contrary to the internationally accepted position that the final status of Jerusalem should be decided through negotiation between the Israelis and Palestinians and that until such an agreement is reached no embassy should be re-located from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”  (Resolution adopted nem con at Pavilion Labour GC meeting of 9 June 2018.)

Israeli Army’s unlawful killing and maiming of peaceful Palestinian protesters – resolution adopted by a large majority at Pavilion Labour GC meeting of 9 June 2018:

Israeli Army unlawful killings_09.06.18_p1Israeli Army unlawful killings_09.06.18_p2

Palestine Solidarity Campaign – “That Pavilion CLP affiliates to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign as soon as possible.”  (Resolution adopted by a large majority at Pavilion Labour GC meeting of 9 June 2018.)

Labour Friends of Israel – “On 14 May, Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) responded to the massacre of civilians by Israeli forces in Gaza, not by condemning those who fired weapons at them or those who gave the orders, but with the words ‘Hamas must accept responsibility for these events’.  Doctors without Borders described the killings as ‘unacceptable and inhuman’.  Brighton Pavilion CLP condemns the stance taken by LFI and calls on all Labour personnel to publicly end any association with the group.”  (Resolution adopted by a large majority at Pavilion Labour GC meeting of 9 June 2018.)

Theresa May’s ‘Hostile Environment’ Policy – Pavilion Labour calls on Theresa May to resign for relentlessly pursuing an immigration policy institutionally racist towards Britain’s own citizens and on the Conservative government to urgently restore, to all those affected by its toxic ‘hostile environment’ policy, full access to the NHS and all public services and benefits, as well as full rights as existing citizens, with full compensation to those affected.  This motion was unanimously adopted by the GC at its meeting of 10 May 2018:

Hostile environment_10.05.18

Ban the Mass Release of Balloons at Events in Brighton and Hove – Pavilion Labour members are extremely concerned at the danger balloon and lantern litter presents to marine and terrestrial mammals, animals and birds.  The GC unanimously adopted this resolution calling for a local ban by Brighton & Hove City Council, on 10 May 2018.

Ban Mass Release Balloons_10.05.18

Housing Need in Brighton and Hove – Pavilion Labour believes that the deaths of citizens in housing need each year in this city is a demining indictment of government policies since 2010.  While welcoming the steps taken by Brighton & Hove City Council under Labour to deal with housing need, Pavilion Labour called for further measures on 10 May 2018, to deal with the City’s housing need.  (Agreed nem con)

Housing Need in B_H_10.05.18

Conservative Party Funding – Pavilion Labour’s GC unanimously agreed on 10 May 2018 to fully support and endorse the condemnation by the Labour Party leadership of previous and ongoing donations to the Conservative Party by Russian multi-millionaires, whose motives and sources of funding are of dubious origin and intended for the purpose of influencing UK government policy.

BAME representation at Labour Conference – in order to reflect the ethnic diversity of Brighton and provide meaningful representation and a voice for local BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) members and constituents at Labour Conference, Pavilion Labour’s GC agreed unanimously on 10 May 2018 to send an additional two BAME delegates (minimum one woman) to every annual Conference.

War with Syria – Pavilion Labour’s GC unanimously adopted this emergency resolution from Regency Labour on 12 April 2018, just days before Theresa May authorised British involvement in bombing Syria without consulting Parliament.  Pavilion Labour deplores May’s action and supports the approach by Jeremy Corbyn to seek a diplomatic solution.

Against war with Syria_12.04.18

Labour Party Education Policy – on 12 April 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC unanimously agreed that Labour Party policy required strengthening in relation to literacy and general education for adults.  This became a specific submission to Labour’s 2018 National Policy Forum consultation.

LP Educ Policy_12.04.18

Prioritisation of Labour Candidates in non-target wards – on 12 April 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC agreed nem con that Branch Labour Parties in wards without sitting Labour councillors should be able to decide whether or not to designate a priority to selected Labour local government candidates, in order to guide voters in the polling station.

Support for Transgender People in the Labour Party – on 10 March 2018, Pavilion Labour reaffirmed its zero tolerance for abuse of transgender people and their right to self-declare their gender.  The CLP agreed very clearly that trans women are women and trans men are men, and should be allowed to participate fully in any capacity available to their cis counterparts, and called for disciplinary action to be taken against those members who participate in transphobic abuse.  These views were submitted to the Labour Party Democracy Review.

Transgender support_10.03.18

For a Brighton & Hove Labour 2018 Health & Social Care Manifesto – on 10 March 2018, Pavilion Labour unanimously agreed to actively oppose all marketisation of NHS services and publicise the risk of privatisation to the NHS, affirmed that sick or disabled people should not be exploited for profit, and thanked NHS staff for their work and commitment.

NHS manifesto_10.03.18

Proper Representation of Older People and Issues Affecting Them – Pavilion Labour has been very concerned by reduced support for the Older People’s Council resulting from slashed funding for Brighton & Hove City Council by the Tory government.  Pavilion Labour is determined to do what it can to ensure that older people continue to be heard, represented and promoted.  (Agreed nem con, 17 February 2018.)

Older Peoples Rep_17.02.18

Unilateral Decision by The USA to recognise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel – on 17 February 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC expressed its concerns at this decision of US President Trump:

US decision to move embassy to Jerusalem_17.02.18

For a Pavilion Labour NHS Forum – on 17 February 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC agreed overwhelmingly that the changes to the NHS will be of such significance in the next general election that the CLP “should create an NHS forum open to members in our constituency who are passionate / informed about this issue, to meet to facilitate development of an ongoing campaign about the NHS, representation on stalls etc, and possibly setting-up neighbourhood / ward NHS groups etc, to ensure that the public are fully informed as to why the NHS horror stories in the media are occurring.”

Suspension of Labour Party Members – on 17 February 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC overwhelmingly adopted the emergency resolution its Executive had submitted to Labour Conference 2017, advocating that Party disciplinary procedures be revised so that, ordinarily, members are not left suspended for more than three months.

Suspension LP Members_17.02.18

Re-instate Greg Hadfield – on 17 February 2018, Pavilion Labour’s GC noted by a large majority that Greg Hadfield, of Patcham Branch Labour Party, had been suspended from membership of the Party for some 18 months without being given an explanation and requested that the National Executive Committee re-instate his membership forthwith, unless the NEC can prove beyond reasonable doubt any breach of Labour Party rules.

The Rohingya Crisis – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 17 February 2018.  This resolution notes deep concerns about the situation in Myanmar and the increasing number of Rohingya refugees crossing into Bangladesh, calls for the human rights of the Rohingya people to be upheld and for the freedom of Brighton & Hove to be withdrawn from Aung San Suu Kyi if she does not support the Rohingya people.

Rohingya Crisis_17.02.18

Implementation of the Chakrabarti Inquiry Report – adopted overwhelmingly by Pavilion Labour, 6 January 2018.  This resolution notes that the Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the Labour Party, published in June 2016, was accepted for implementation, lists some recommendations from the Inquiry, and calls for the rapid implementation of the Chakrabarti Inquiry recommendations.

Chakrabarti Report_06.01.18

Boundary Review – Regency is in Brighton – adopted nem con by Pavilion Labour, 9 November 2017.  This long emergency resolution concludes with the following decisions:

“We therefore resolve:

  1. To call for the current boundary review to be halted in favour of a fair review, which does not seek to reduce the number of MPs, which is based upon up to date electoral registers and which does not impose an unreasonably strict requirement for the electorate of parliamentary constituencies (and to refer this to the NEC of the Labour Party);
  2. To authorise the Executive Committee (EC) to respond formally to the Boundary Commissioners on behalf of our Constituency Labour Party, opposing the removal of Regency ward from Brighton Pavilion (subject to consultation with neighbouring CLPs and the wider Party as the EC sees fit).”


Proposed Development or Sales of School Land & Property – adopted overwhelmingly by Pavilion Labour, 9 November 2017

Varndean College development_09.11.17

Support for Postal Workers – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 9 November 2017

Support Postal Workers_09.11.17

Support the Picturehouse Four – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 9 November 2017

Support Picturehouse 4_09.11.17

Teachers’ Pay adopted nem con by Pavilion Labour, 9 November 2017

Teachers Pay_09.11.17

Welcoming Labour Conference Back to Brighton – overwhelmingly adopted by Pavilion Labour, 14 October 2017

Support for CWU Royal Mail Members – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 14 October 2017

Sustainability and Transformation Plan – adopted by a large majority by Pavilion Labour, 14 October 2017

Brexit – two resolutions were adopted by different majorities by Pavilion Labour, 14 October 2017

For fully comprehensive education – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 7 September 2017

For fully comprehensive education_07.09.17

Affordable Housing – adopted nem con by Pavilion Labour, 13 July 2017

“This Labour Party calls on Brighton and Hove City Council to re-endorse its commitment to its own adopted policy with regard to the provision of ‘Affordable Housing’ across our city.  We further urge the City Council to seek new and more accurate methods of testing the viability for future development proposals. These measures would ensure that Brighton and Hove maximises its affordable housing potential.

In October 2015 the City Council stated “Policy CP20 in the emerging City Plan Part 1 sets out a sliding scale of affordable housing targets whereby a contribution of 20% affordable housing will be sought on smaller sites of between 5-9 units (as an equivalent financial contribution); a contribution of 30% affordable housing on sites of between 10-14 units (either onsite provision or as an equivalent financial contribution) and 40% on site provision on sites of 15+ units”.

Turkey – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 29 June 2017 

“This Labour Party condemns the crackdown by the Turkish Government aimed at suppressing all democratic opposition to it from political parties, trade, unions, journalists and others.

In particular we condemn the arbitrary arrest of elected MPs of the HPD, which won 59 seats in the last general election and has a strong base of support amongst the Kurds and other minorities in Turkey.

We agree to:

  1. Write a letter of protest to the Turkish Government in Ankara
  2. Call on the Labour Party (via the NEC and PLP) to add its voice to the protest
  3. Ask the leader of the Labour Party to raise the issue with the Government and to demand it raise the matter with the Turkish Government
  4. Support any appropriate labour movement action aimed at raising this issue.”

Fire Safety Plans – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 29 June 2017

“This CLP calls upon Brighton and Hove City Council to carry out an urgent review of its emergency plans for fire in buildings over nine metres (three storeys).”

Co-op Party Centenary – passed unanimously by Pavilion Labour on 6 April 2017, this resolution encourages all current members of Brighton Pavilion CLP to join and work with the Co-operative Party locally, to champion and promote workers co-operatives in the city of Brighton and Hove, and to support Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s aim to double the size of the co-operative economy; notwithstanding the aim of the return to public ownership, or continued retention thereof,  of industries and services, both nationally and locally.  Full copies available on request.

Our NHS – adopted unanimously by Pavilion Labour, 11 March 2017

“This Labour Party condemns the ongoing and deliberate underfunding of our NHS and this Tory government’s refusal to acknowledge the devastating impact of its policies.”