Eamonn Custance Reports…

I voted for the reference back on Welfare Cuts, for all composites, for the emergency motions, for the timetable on Tuesday to continue.

Steve Bell caricatures Tom Watson as a “fatberg” in his recent cartoons in the Guardian. As a Labour party member, I would not condone the use of fatism in political discourse, whether applied to Watson or to rotund Tories. I do not know what it was about Tom Watson’s speech that made Steve Bell think of a mass of nappies, condoms and crud clogging up sewers, partly because I did not listen to his speech and instead comforted my fellow delegates directly outside the hall who were too in awe of the inspiring presence of the Deputy Leader to physically be in the same room as him. We tried to ask a passing John McDonnell accompanied by his aide Seb Corbyn to do something about Tom Watson’s lengthy speech (originally timetabled for 5 minutes but despite conference running over the chair felt no need to interrupt him). John was silent on the matter, allowing us to wisely infer that we should not look for others to do our work but instead as members we should ensure that senior personalities do not allow their ego to eat into time for conference. An educational experience.

Autistically yours, Eamonn.