Aidan Pettitt Reports…

I think all delegates should be prepared to comment on conference at meetings and in response to particular questions and discussion points but I doubt it’s possible to produce a report that includes everyone’s views on every topic. For example, I think there was more that could have been debated and discussed on education but I don’t think a long critique of the National Policy Forum document, the policy forum meeting, the NES proposals and Angela Rayner’s speech needs to be included in a general and broad conference report. This doesn’t prevent those of us with an interest in education adding to the report in meetings if education is a topic of particular interest to the meeting.

Unfortunately, I can’t be at the GC on 9th November. However, was I to be at that meeting I’d be content with the type of report suggested by Michael and Jane. I hope this is useful to know.

I also think it important, as we all do I’m sure, to follow up conference in different ways. For example, I know that there’s a view that establishing an SEA in the city would help develop Labour Party education policy and I know some branches are taking up some issues around democracy and querying some expulsions. This follow up work might make reference to the conference report but I don’t think our conference report should limit or prescribe this work or this work should depend on our conference report or be detailed in it. There’s much to do.

Aidan Pettitt