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Members of our 2020 Executive include (left to right): Clara Astill, Dan Carey, Claire Wadey, Adam Englebright, Jane Clarke (2019 EC member), Jon Rogers, Katie McMurray and Matt Webb

Delegates to the AGM of Brighton Pavilion CLP met on Saturday 15 February 2020 to receive the annual reports of our Executive Committee (known as the ‘EC’ or ‘Exec’) elected at the December 2018 AGM and to elect a new Exec for the year ahead, to run our Party and administer its business in the constituency.  Pavilion Labour’s full Executive Committee for 2020 is shown below and you can find out more about our Exec members lower down this page.

2020 Exec


Find out more about each of our Exec members below:

Jon Rogers cropCHAIR – Jon Rogers (Preston Park Branch):  I first joined our Party in this constituency in 1980 and I have been a Labour Party member ever since.  I have been a longstanding activist within UNISON, serving as a Branch Secretary and on the National Executive Council.

I am a committed socialist not afraid of argument or controversy but, as Chair of our Labour Party, I am determined that all members will be able to express our views and participate in our democracy.

I have been honoured to have served as Chair of Brighton Pavilion CLP since the Party was re-established in February 2017.  I believe that I can continue to serve the Party usefully in this capacity.  With your support I hope that we can build on the firm foundations laid in the past two years (for which our outgoing Secretary, Claire Wadey, deserves our particular gratitude) and that we can continue to move forward – not least by electing more Labour Councillors this coming May.  I promise to continue doing my best to develop a welcoming and inclusive Party, campaigning for socialism.

Contact me by emailing
Lewis cVICE-CHAIR/CAMPAIGNS –   Denise Friend & Lewis Kranat (Preston Park): Please get in touch with us using

I’m Lewis and I re-joined the Labour Party when Jeremy Corbyn was elected to campaign for a sustainable green economy based on shared ownership and investment in public services.  I teach maths and previously worked in IT so can manage the statistical and technical side of campaigning.

Den PotraitI’m Denise, I too re-joined the Labour Party because of Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for transforming our society.  For most of my adult life I have campaigned for Animal Rights, and my background in advertising came into play when I devised and ran grassroots campaigns. I am actively involved in campaigns around Period Poverty, Trans Rights, as well as the environment.


SECRETARY – Tim Wilkinson (Regency): Please get in touch with me or any of our officers using


01.06.16 Amused at JW meetingTREASURER – Claire Wadey (Withdean): I grew-up in a council flat in Hollingdean, attending Hertford and Dorothy Stringer schools, and felt the benefit of free school meals, the NHS keeping me well, and a free university education – the first woman in my family to go.  Labour provided me with all of this, which is why I have been a lifelong member since age 16 and continue to campaign for these things to benefit everyone in our society.

I am a socialist and a Unite member.  Some of my key priorities include disabled people’s rights, ending austerity and privatisation, returning rail, buses and Royal Mail to public ownership, and scrapping tuition fees.  Policies which Labour has brought to the fore under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.  Labour has an ambition for power that changes this country forever in the interests of ordinary people.  People like you and me.

My overriding goal has always been for Pavilion Labour to be established as a united and strong CLP – with robust branches, members growing in knowledge and confidence, and a campaigning presence – on Brighton’s streets, online, and within our Party nationally and regionally.   A Party the size of Brighton Pavilion CLP has a role to play far beyond our own constituency.  To push forward Pavilion Labour needs more resources, so please contact me on


Val cVICE-CHAIR/MEMBERSHIP – Val Knight (Hollingdean & Stanmer): I first canvassed for Labour with my father during the 1964 election, when I was 15, and joined the Labour party when I was 20, after many CND and anti -Vietnam – war marches!  I left Labour in the second Blair term because I felt New Labour was no longer a socialist party.  I rejoined when Corbyn became leader.

I have been involved in campaigning for the NHS for about six- seven years and set up Pavilion Labour’s NHS Forum.  I was involved in Pavilion Labour’s presentation for NHS policy review.  I attended LP Conference 2019 as one of our delegates and NHS rep.

I want to try to raise the level of face to face contact between our membership. To do this I would like to initiate a strategy of developing “Labour Party street communities”, across our CLP’s membership.  I group members in nearby streets with members, then  contact members to discuss creating a LP group for leafleting, canvassing, discussions, socials… resulting in some very interesting discussions.  I encourage people to get to know each other and this face to face contact has resulted in more people becoming active in Hollingdean & Stanmer.  My aim is to increase Labour members’ community links, encouraging mutual support.

I want to discuss this strategy with other Branch Membership Secretaries and work as a team to extend LP street communities to all branches, creating a more debating, informed and active CLP membership, street by street.

Please get in touch with me using 


POLICY OFFICER – Elaine Bewley (Hanover & Elm Grove) with Michael Brown (Withdean):

Elaine c2Politically the last period has been a hyperactive time.  This means we are extremely familiar with Labour policy.  Inspired by the democratisation of our party, we have been able to encourage members to contribute to policy through previous policy forums, the Women’s Forum, and at branch level.  We are keenly interested in politics and policy, and exploring ways in which Labour can effectively communicate its aims and values.

Members are our party’s richest resource. Members’ continued involvement is necessary to the formation of policy and the growth, strategy and evolution of the party. Each of us is vital.

20.04.18 Michael_pm4 cropMichael adds: Having grown up in a working class family in Grimsby, I would like to see a fairer society and a balanced distribution of, not only wealth and power, but also opinion and diversity of viewpoint.  Having volunteered in many of Labour’s campaigns and elections, the first step in achieving a fairer society is to effectively communicate Labour’s compelling manifesto policies.  Those policies need to be better understood in the mainstream.  I believe we have the ideas and ability to help.

Please get in touch with us using 


Katie cropWOMEN’S OFFICER – Katie McMurray (Hollingbury & Patcham):  I intend to make Brighton Pavilion Labour Party an active and powerful force for our shared goals of socialism and equality.

I first joined the Party at 16 and have been active again now for several years.  During the last year, I have been lucky enough to represent the constituency at women’s conference and as women’s representative at the party conference.  I am delighted to continue building on this experience to represent all self-identifying women in the constituency and find ways to campaign on issues important to them.

I want to increase participation in women’s branch and the influence of women in the constituency generally.  I hope to be able to continue working towards cementing the rights of trans people in our party as well as fighting for the sanctity of minimum representation of women in elected positions.  Contact me on and contact Pavilion Labour Women’s Branch on

Dan Carey cropYOUTH OFFICER – Dan Carey (Hanover & Elm Grove): Hi I’m Dan.  I’m 18 and currently a student at college.  The world is facing more opportunities than ever before accompanied by ever more challenging issues.  I believe the current Labour Party can provide sensible and needed solutions for our country and our city, and so I am doing what I can to make Labour’s campaign of hope, that has resonated with so many young people around this country, a reality.  Please feel free to get in touch if you’re under 27 and are interested in becoming a locally active member.  You can contact me and Pavilion Young Labour Branch at 

Mohammed Asaduzzaman 1BAME OFFICER – Mohammed Asaduzzaman (Hanover & Elm Grove) with Maureen Winder (St Peter’s & North Laine):  The BAME Branch will become a hub for engagement, debate and campaigning for all members who identify as BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic).  We hope it will become part of Labour’s launchpad for a City focussed Race and Faith initiative bringing new commitment to wellbeing and security for all multi-cultural communities.

Mohammed has been playing a significant role in bringing people together, such as: running successful Pavilion Eid Multicultural Festivals.  Rohingya issues were a vital part of Labour foreign policy, and our unconscious bias training was successful.

Maureen cBy strengthening relationships with all multi-agencies we work in partnership to tackle all forms of racism, and make the community safer. We seek to influence and improve positive equality pathways.

We need to increase BAME Labour membership, empower BAME young people and ensure ongoing Labour Party training to tackle racism, including understanding and defining Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

We look forward to working with you.  Email Mohammed on or .


Ty Galvin cropOLDER PEOPLE’S OFFICER – Ty Galvin (Hanover & Elm Grove):  the need for a voice for older people in affairs concerning us remains apparent.  Our main concern is the disproportionate targeting of austerity cuts on the funding of welfare and wellbeing of an ageing population, especially cuts to adult social care.
Pavilion Labour now has an established Older People’s Forum, of which I have been chair since its start 2 years ago.  I feel the forum has built up into a successful, friendly campaign and lobby group, with very experienced and skilled members.  I intend to continue to take this work forward by collaborating nationally with similar forums.  We need to be a watchdog against any further cuts put on services for older people and the NHS generally by doctrinaire Tory government policies.
Contact Ty and the Pavilion Labour Older People’s Forum by email to 
Matt Lizzy cTRADE UNION LIAISON OFFICER – Liz Bradley (CWU, St Peter’s & North Laine) with Matt Webb (GMB, St Peter’s & North Laine):  We feel strongly that trade unionism belongs at the very heart of a twenty first century progressive socialist Labour Party.  We must engage with all unions, including newly emerged ones and renters’ unions, to build a city that works for the many.

Liz is a CWU delegate and SPNL Branch Women’s Officer and Matt is a GMB delegate to Pavilion Labour, the Chair of the SPNL Branch, employed by UNISON Brighton and Hove as Education Convener.  Together we are also act as the Secretaries of Brighton & Hove District Trades Council.

When not working or campaigning for the Labour Party Matt unwinds by making very noisy music.

Contact us by email to 


Gabriel at LabSE18 cPOLITICAL EDUCATION OFFICER – Juan Baeza (Preston Park) with Gabriel McCook (St Peter’s & North Laine):  During 2019, Gabriel collaborated with neighbouring CLPs in creating a serious education programme, now run twice in Pavilion to great reception.  We hope to continue this work together – broadening horizons with more sessions on international issues, events with our sister European organisations, and helping branches develop programmes, making political education accessible at all levels.

Juan Baeza_11.12.17Simultaneously, Juan was working at branch level to facilitate education events, NHS discussions and learning about Labour’s community wealth building policy.  Together with Gabriel, we want to help develop our CLP as an inclusive, energised organisation that can win back voters.  Political education is central to building support in our community for a socialist government.

It is difficult for any of us to fully participate in political processes, to help people reach their own conclusions, and to make political education fun, not a chore. Between both of us, we hope to make Pavilion a flagship CLP for political education.

Contact us both on and you can still email Gabriel on


Sarah cLGBT+ OFFICER – Ian Evans (Unite, Hollingdean & Stanmer) with Sarah Pickett (Hollingdean & Stanmer):   We have both been active in campaigning for all equalities for many years, though with a specific focus on LGBT+ rights.  We both recognise many of the issues that LGBT+ people still undergo even in a city as diverse as ours.  We still know that there are prejudices of all kinds around us, but we have been active in promoting tolerance and understanding, either in our respective workplaces or our separate unions.  These skills and abilities we wish to bring to not only Brighton Pavilion CLP, but if required, the wider Labour movement.
Ian Evans c
We are both excited to have the opportunity to deliver the values our great party has to our constituency.  We hope to develop the Pavilion Labour LGBT+ members’ forum so that it can become a branch over the next year.  This should make it more meaningful and help encourage more members to come forward and participate in this our own branch.  Please get in touch with us both using 


DISABILITY OFFICER – Clara Astill (Unite Community & Withdean) with Theresa Clara Astill cropMackey (Preston Park):The cuts in living standards imposed by the Conservative Government have had a perniciously detrimental effect on the lives of disabled people and their families, undermining access to education, social care and justice.

We will be working together to further the support for Labour Party members (and, indeed, all others) who have lived experience of any aspects of disability.  We believe our combined experience and strengths will enable us to fulfil this.

Theresa giggle cWe are fully committed to the social model of disability as encapsulated in ‘Nothing About You Without You: A Manifesto With And For Disabled People’ by the Labour Party, which envisions an achievable society that removes the barriers restricting opportunities and choices for disabled people.

As active members of Pavilion Labour’s Disabled Members’ Branch, we want to support its development and help more disabled members be active, get organised and encourage better self-representation on the council.

Contact us both via


COMMUNICATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER – pending election at a future meeting

Sara FulfordSara Fulford – Hanover & Elm Grove Branch:  I have been a Labour member for over 26 years in Hanover and Elm Grove, am a Unison member and former shop steward.
Over 30 years in Adult Social Care I have worked in and managed services, promoted care quality improvement and development, and ran the local Dignity in Care Campaign. My post was made redundant in austerity/’efficiency’ savings.  I am now semi-retired
I have been dismayed by the underfunding and erosion of public services which were designed to protect the more vulnerable people in our society and ensure social justice. So I wholeheartedly welcome a return to more steadfast socialist values, and am supportive of the current direction and leadership of the Party.  However, I would still like to help build greater unity within the party in order that all views are properly heard and considered.
Jill Spedding – Hollingbury & Patcham Branch: Please get in touch with me or any of our officers using
Adam EnglebrightAdam Englebright – Hollingdean & Stanmer Branch: I became involved with the Labour Party in 2015, believing then as I do now that this city and this country desperately need socialist government to roll back the heinous damage to the social fabric and depredation of our institutions brought about by so many years of Conservative government. As secretary I hope to be able to support our members, branches and candidates in reaching that goal. Please get in touch with me or any of our officers using
Ros EdwardsRosalind Edwards – Preston Park Branch: I am the Secretary of Preston Park branch.
I rejoined the Labour Party in 2015 to support a socialist party and socialist policies for an equal and just society – an opportunity that was offered by Jeremy Corbyn.  I am a member of UCU.
Tony Agathangelou – Regency Branch: Please get in touch with me or any of our officers using
Derek Lovell cropDerek Lovell – Withdean Branch: I am the secretary of Withdean branch and have been a member of the Labour Party since the 1970s.
I am committed to a municipal socialism that will be made a reality by a strong Labour council after the May 2019 local elections in Brighton and Hove.
Get in touch with Withdean Labour by emailing
Other Branch representatives: Maureen Winder (SPNL Branch), Claire Wadey/Katie McMurray (Women’s Branch), Claire Wadey/Theresa Mackey (Disabled Members’ Branch), Matt Pritchard/Dan Carey (Young Labour Branch).