Meet Our Exec


The first meeting of the new Exec of Brighton Pavilion CLP, held immediately after the elections on 4 February 2017.  The EC got straight down to work getting the Labour Party back up and running in Brighton Pavilion constituency.


Delegates from Labour branches across Brighton Pavilion met on Saturday 4 February 2017 to elect a new Executive Committee (usually called the ‘EC’ or ‘Exec’) to run the Party and administer our business in the constituency.  Find our more about each of our new Exec members below:

jon-rogers-relaxedChair – Jon Rogers (Regency Branch):  I first joined our Party in this constituency in 1980 and I have been a Labour Party member ever since.

I have been a longstanding activist within UNISON, serving as a Branch Secretary and on the National Executive Council.
I am a committed socialist not afraid of argument or controversy but, as Chair of our Labour Party, I am determined that all members will be able to express our views and participate in our democracy.
Contact me by emailing

Secretary – Claire Wadey (Withdean): I grew-up in a Council flat in Hollingdean, attending Hertford and Dorothy Stringer schools, and felt the benefit of free school meals, the NHS keeping me well, and a free university education – the first woman in my family to go.  Labour provided me with all of this, which is why I have been a lifelong member since age 16 and continue to campaign for these things to benefit everyone in our society.

cfw-13-09-14As CLP Secretary I want to build a participatory Party, where members feel encouraged to get involved.  Labour has always been a party where we all come together to campaign, debate, fundraise, and have fun.  We have many terrific new members with different talents and great ideas.  Now it’s time to start promoting our ideas and having that fun!  Email me at: 

I am a socialist and a Unite member.  Some of my key priorities include disabled people’s rights, ending austerity and privatisation, returning rail and Royal Mail to public ownership, and scrapping tuition fees.  Policies which Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has brought to the fore.  Jeremy has an ambition for power that changes this country forever in the interests of ordinary people.  People like you and me.

Treasurer – Amanda Evans (St Peter’s & North Laine): I am excited by the chance to shape the future for Labour in amanda-evans-grim-copyBrighton Pavilion and look forward to working with others to raise funds, increase awareness of key issues, and grow our vibrant membership to ever greater numbers  of active, involved Labour friends.  I hope my many years in public relations and event management, fundraising and retail, in both the private and voluntary sectors, will stand me in good stead as the Party’s new Treasurer.  Contact me via

Born and brought up in inner London by a feminist single mother, I moved to Brighton when I became a mum myself over 20 years ago.  As a lifelong socialist I am horrified by the attacks on our public services by this Tory government and the Tory-LibDem coalition, helped by their many friends in the media.  I re-joined Labour because I believe that this great party needs to respond by becoming a movement again, working together to fight for our collective rights to decent jobs, housing, healthcare and working conditions, and I want to play my part in that. I am delighted to be part of the new Pavilion Labour Executive, and will do everything I can to ensure our membership continues to grow and we engage the wider community in Brighton Pavilion.

phil-clarke-smiles-cropVice-Chair (Campaigns) – Phil Clarke (Hollingdean & Stanmer): I am a trade union activist and socialist.  I want to ensure Labour stands-up for people being hurt by a Tory government intent on tearing-up our public services and welfare state.

I am a secondary school teacher and member of the National Executive of the NUT.  I am keen to use the links I have built up as Secretary of Brighton, Hove & District Trades Council to make sure Labour is at the forefront of progressive campaigns in our city.  Contact me with your campaigning ideas by email to


Vice-Chair (Membership) – James Thompson (Withdean): I joined the Labour Party to make a difference.  Politics effects us all very profoundly.  If the wrong party is in government, as since 2010, life can be very difficult for many of us.  Life was tough for james-thompsonmy father, an engineer in the steel industry from Leeds, who ‘got on his bike’ as manufacturing industry collapsed.  I attended six schools with my family following my father in his determination to find work.  Life was also tough for me as Maggie’s 1980s meant boom for a few and bust for millions.  I was made redundant twice and almost lost my home. My politics were shaped by those experiences and my struggle to repay a mortgage at 15% interest while retraining and raising a family.  Consequently, I am Labour in my heart and in my head, convinced that this country is crying out for change.  Let’s make sure that’s a change to Labour.

I believe  in a member-led policy-making party structure.  I will always try to remember that it is the General Committee which is the management organisation of our constituency, with the Executive  existing to support  the GC.   As Constituency Membership Officer,  I intend to keep in touch to encourage your active participation.  I will be working closely with branches.  It is my fervent hope that ALL our members will play a part and become involved in our future campaigns.  We can have a Labour MP in Pavilion and a majority Labour Council if we are united, active and up-to-date with our membership subs!  Contact me with your membership queries by emailing:

elaine-bewley-1Women’s Officer – Elaine Bewley (Hanover & Elm Grove): I am a longstanding member of the Labour Party, having worked at grassroots level in numerous elections, local and national.  Our defeat in 2010 propelled me to greater activism and I have taken to the streets for numerous protests since 2010, including the recent Women’s March in London.

I have run my own businesses since my early twenties and was a single mum bringing-up three amazing sons on my own for most of their childhood.  Access to Family Credit under Labour was my lifeline. Now I work as a 3D artist /sculptor as well as being a compulsive DIYer.
As a socialist and committed Christian I believe that to return Labour to power at the next election we must build a grassroots movement upholding the founding socialist principles of our Party.  We have to reach out to the wider public, re-enfranchise young people, and attract greater numbers of women – enabling all members to take a more active role in our Party at every level.  Email me at


Executive member – Ian McIsaac (Withdean): I joined the Royal Navy in 1972, when aged 15; not out of any sense of patriotism but to remove myself from a remote, insular West Highland community, where signing-up for six years for the services was a means of escape. Having no desire to return I remained in the South, and the first thing I did after leaving was to join the Labour Party.

In 1978 I commenced working as an electrician for what was then the Electricity Board and have been with them ever since; for the past 10 years as an Electrical Engineer.

Having moved to Brighton in December 2015, I have absolutely no intention of ever leaving – it’s good to consider it home.

I have always been on the left of the Labour Party, and my life experiences have only reinforced and confirmed my politics.  The only way we will progress society is through socialism – that is the principal upon which the Labour Party was founded.  Email me on

theresa-fowler-cropExecutive member – Theresa Fowler (Hollingdean & Stanmer): I am a mother of 4 children 2 of which attend local schools. I own and work in a shop at Fiveways. I am passionate about our environment and protecting our wildlife. I believe in unity and standing behind our leader Jeremy Corbyn. We need to work together to elect a Labour government at the next general election.  If you want to get involved, contact me by email to

Executive member – Anne Thompson (Regency): I am a socialist with many years of anne-thompson-copyexperience in grassroots activism and community organisation.  I worked as a community worker and a teacher, mostly in Bradford, and was a union rep for many years.  I am a proud member of both the NUT and Unite.

I joined Labour to give my wholehearted support to Jeremy Corbyn, his vision for our Party and a kinder and gentler politics.  I am committed to working within the framework of Jeremy’s ten pledges and his rich cultural, social and political programme.  Along with thousands of other socialists who recently joined the Party, my concern is to make sure that Labour is returned to being a party of the working class, with a strong socialist agenda and a grassroots leadership determined to address the deep inequalities now endemic in society.  Email me via

Executive member – Juan Baeza (Preston Park): was elected on 14 October 2017 to fill the vacancy which arose with the resignation of Denise Friend.