Young Labour

Brighton Pavilion Young Labour is open to all members of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party aged 14 – 26.

We aim to meet monthly (on no set date) and visiting members from nearby constituencies are welcome to attend.  Sometimes we have a meeting with speakers, other times a social meeting.  We get involved with all Pavilion Labour’s campaigning, meetings and activities, as well as having our own campaigns.

Our Branch is chaired by Dan, who is also Pavilion Labour’s Youth Officer, and our secretary is Adam.

Please contact us by email to or follow us on Facebook at @PavilionYouth .


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Pavilion Young Labour Branch campaigns on local and national issues.  We have been loud and vociferous members of the Climate Strike protests and also have many members actively involved with local education and young workers campaigns.   Our members have been particularly active in calling for an end to unpaid trail shifts and zero hour contracts, opposing academies and ending the super-exploitation of workers by the gig economy

Thanks to everyone who gets involved in our campaigns.  Come along to one of our activities soon!