Older Members’ Forum

Pavilion Labour Older Members’ Forum is a meeting for any member of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party aged over fifty (50).

We aim to meet monthly for a discussion over coffee and always try to have either an interesting topic or amusing speakers – as well as ourselves!  Older Labour members from nearby constituencies are welcome to join our meetings as guests.

Our Forum is chaired by Ty, Pavilion Labour’s Older People’s Officer, and our secretary is Sara.  Following the Pavilion Labour AGM, we hope to become a full branch of the Party.

Please contact us by email to olderpeople@pavilionlabour.org.uk 

Our Older Members’ Forum is a national initiative by Pavilion Labour to give a platform to older people.  The views of older people, and the impact of government policies on all older people, must be heard and represented, both in our Party and in wider society.  Come along to our forum and get involved to help us with this.

Thanks to everyone who gets involved in our campaigns.  Come along to one of our activities soon!

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