Hanover and Elm Grove Branch

Hanover and Elm Grove Branch Labour Party, known to us locally as HEG Branch, covers the well-defined neighbourhoods of Tenantry, Elm Grove and Hanover, nudging our friends in Brighton Kemptown from the summit of race hill to sweep down Bear Road hill heg13_jon-rto the gyratory and all along the Lewes Road to the edge of The Level and St Peter’s, including Brighton’s public cemeteries, crematoria and Brighton General Hospital.

We are moving to holding monthly meetings, with members also involved in other campaigning activities and events in between.

HEG Branch can be contact by email to hegbranch@pavilionlabour.org.uk .

The Branch is chaired by Elaine and our Secretary is Damian.

Labour Councillors


Councillor Emma Daniel


Emma Daniel is our Labour councillor in Hanover & Elm Grove.  We have plans to increase the number of Labour councillors in 2019.  Come along to help us!