Help write Labour’s next Manifesto

Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) is consulting on eight new policy documents between now and 24 June. On Sunday 29 April, our first Pavilion Policy Forum will cover four of those documents.

Sim Elliott_12.04.18NPF representative for the South East, Simeon Elliott, who sits on the Early Years, Education and Skills Policy Commission, will begin our day with a discussion of the consultation document “Towards a National Education Service” during the morning of 29 April.  We already know that Simeon has some very interesting things to say about academies, funding state education and how the Tories are getting away with SEN cuts.

Later during the morning of 29 April (10.30am – 1.30pm), we shall discuss health policy, specifically “tackling health inequalities“.  Separate discussions of “achieving the sustainable development goals” in international policy and “protecting our communities and turning lives around” in justice/home affairs follow during the afternoon (2.15pm – 5.15pm) for busy members who understandably can’t spare the whole day. 


Our second Pavilion Policy Forum will be on Sunday 3 June 2018.  Both events take place at Community Base (South Wing), 113 Queen’s Road, Brighton BN1 3XG.

Carol HaytonNPF representative Carol Hayton will open our second Pavilion Policy Forum on 3 June.  Carol sits on the Housing, Local Government and Transport Policy Commission, so will lead our discussion of its consultation document “Giving people the power to shape their local communities” during the morning of 3 June.

Later during that second morning of 3 June (10.30am – 1.30pm), we shall discuss the environment policy paper “A greener Britain“.  During the afternoon of the 3rd (2.15pm – 5.15pm), we shall discuss policy on “addressing in-work poverty and working-age inequality“, as well as on “the future of work“.

Joining-in at these forums is one of the different ways members can get involved in contributing to Labour’s next manifesto.  Find out more about the 2018 consultation now open, the eight policy documents under discussion until 24 June and submit your own ideas.  As Simeon advises – submit, submit, submit!





Keep Our Ticket Offices Open!

FrontBack Thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign to Keep Our Ticket Offices Open and signed Labour’s petition outside stations around Brighton during the week of 14 – 20 April 2018.  Be assured that Pavilion Labour will not let up our campaigning to keep station ticket offices open and to return our railways to public ownership, where the needs of passengers and our environment will be put before profit.

Calling Labour Candidates!

Now is the time to put yourself forward to be a Labour candidate for Brighton and Hove City Council in 2019.

If you would like to hear more about what it means to be a Labour councillor, follow the links to watch the main speeches of Moulsecoomb & Bevendean councillor Daniel Yates, former Hove councillor Anne Pissaridou, and young London Labour councillor Emine Ibrahim from the open meeting of the LCF on 28 March 2018.  Former East Brighton councillor Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP also spoke about the joys of being able to help people and achieve changes as a councillor, how having control of services in the public sector benefits council work, how you are never alone as a Labour councillor, and why Brighton & Hove needs a majority Labour Council.

The 2019 Local Government Selection timetable can be downloaded below.  If you are interested in becoming a Labour candidate, the first step is to contact the LCF Secretary on for an application (“nomination”) form.  This must be completed and returned by Monday 7 May.

2019 Local Government Selection Timetable

Please consider standing to be a Labour candidate at the May 2019 local elections in Brighton & Hove. Labour’s Local Campaign Forum (LCF) is encouraging the widest range of Party members to come forward now so that all our branches have a real choice when we hold our selection meetings in the coming months.  

The LCF is looking for more applicants than ever to make sure we secure a Labour majority on Brighton & Hove City Council in 2019, to change Brighton and Hove and make life better and fairer for the many and not the few in our city. The LCF is the body which oversees the process of candidate selection, candidate support, and election campaigning. Labour wants candidates who reflect Brighton and Hove’s diversity. Our starting point is that we want as many prospective applicants as possible from all backgrounds.



Have you ever thought of serving your community by becoming a city councillor? If so, this could be your year to apply. Being a councillor gives you the opportunity to represent local residents and groups by engaging on a regular basis so you know what the local issues are and how best to voice voters’ concerns, to promote Labour’s manifesto and improve your ward. You will also be making decisions about the policies which the Council will implement.

Find more information about being a councillor and the roles of a Labour councillor here.  Also watch this footage of Labour councillors past and present in Brighton & Hove, on varied experiences running the council and in opposition. 

Selection of Labour candidates is a democratic process determined by Labour Party members in local branches. If you are interested in putting yourself forward, please contact the LCF Secretary on . (If you have already contacted the LCF Secretary there is no need to do so again.) You will be sent further information and an application (“nomination”) form, to be completed and returned by Monday 7 May.

Would-be Labour candidates will be interviewed during May.  A list of potential Labour candidates will be approved by the LCF when it meets on 3 July. During July, Labour Party branches will hold shortlisting meetings (where members decide which candidates to invite to a selection meeting) and then selection meetings during July and early August (where all shortlisted candidates speak and answer questions before branch members vote to decide the candidates they want to represent Labour in their ward in the 2019 local elections).  The LCF will meet to confirm all selected candidates in early September.

This is the final timetable, approved by Labour South East.  The most important point now is to encourage interested Party members to come forward as possible Labour candidates before the deadline of 7 May 2018.  Please do consider standing.







Our NHS – Fix It Now!

Thousands march again in London

(c) London Health Emergency

Earlier this month on 3 February, Labour Party members from Brighton and Hove joined health workers, trades unionists, patients, NHS campaigners and concerned members of the public, travelling up to London for another massive march in support of our NHS.

Sussex Defend the NHS organised a fantastic send-off rally outside Brighton Station, giving everyone unable to go to London the opportunity to send their support and solidarity with the marchers arriving for the early train up to the capital.

(c) Sussex Defend the NHS

Among other speakers from Brighton and Hove District Trades Council, health workers, the RMT and Sussex Defend the NHS, Katrina Miller (Pavilion Labour and Withdean Branch) sent our solidarity and support to Sussex Defend the NHS and the day’s marchers.  Katrina reminded us all of the damage being done to our local health and social care services by Jeremy Hunt and the Tory government and urged us to make as much angry noise as possible!  If you’re new to NHS campaigning, Katrina has suggested people read and sign this petition to find out more and get things started.


It was a brilliant day in London and as usual hardly got any attention from the mainstream media, even though estimates of the numbers were well over 70,000.

Health Campaigns Together is already building for a massive march in London on Saturday 30 June to mark the 70th birthday of our NHS – and celebrate the tremendous and unflagging work, day in, day out, of all our health workers who are keeping services going in the face of the current dreadful onslaught of Tory privatisation policies.

Watch this space for how you can join in NHS campaign days coming up across Brighton and Hove.  Find out the devastating realities of what this Tory government is doing as it attempts to destroy our NHS as a public service – and get involved with your local Branch Labour Party.  We won’t stop fighting for our NHS until it’s saved!

Bevan quote

Help win East Brighton for Nancy!



The East Brighton council by-election is on Thursday 8 February 2018.  Thank you to everyone who has helped the campaign to elect Labour’s candidate Nancy Platts during January. Now we just need one final push during these last few days, and especially on polling day this Thursday, to make sure that Nancy is elected as the next Labour councillor representing East Brighton.  If you have any spare time, please read on…

If you want to volunteer in Nancy’s campaign for East Brighton and need more information, email Alex Darby – Vice-Chair/Campaigns for Brighton Kemptown CLP – at .



The forecast is pretty good for early February but, come rain or shine, Nancy’s campaign team will be out and you can make the difference by joining-in and helping the team to reach more East Brighton voters.  With your coat, gloves and hat, and some nice comfy shoes, you’ll soon be in the swing of things, and car drivers will also be needed to ferry other campaigners around.  See you out on the campaign trail!

Nancy and the campaign team will appreciate your help this final weekend at any of these times and places:

  • Tuesday 6 Feb – from 6pm – 8pm at 3 Arlington Mews, 162 Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 0AL.
  • Wednesday 7 Feb – from 11am – 3pm at the FBU Office, 11 Hunns Mere Way, Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6AH
  • Thursday 8 Feb – from 9.30am – 9.15pm at 3 Arlington Mews, 162 Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 0AL.  If you can help on the day, please let Nancy’s team know your availability by completing this form 

EB final week to polling day_02.18

A Wish For 2018

From Jon Rogers, our Chair

I would like to wish all our members well for the festive period – and for a good 2018!

After the traumas of 2016 internationally (Trump’s election), nationally (the referendum result and second Labour leadership election), and locally (the suspension of the city-wide Brighton, Hove & District Labour Party), 2017 has brought hope.

Locally we have spent the year rebuilding our Party structures, beginning with our Constituency Labour Party in February and concluding with the inaugural meeting of our Local Campaign Forum for Brighton and Hove in November. Throughout the year our branches have grown in experience and activism, and our frequent street stalls have kept Brighton Pavilion Labour Party in the public eye in a positive way.

Pavilion Labour’s regular street stalls have been welcomed by residents around the constituency

Nationally, Labour under Jeremy Corbyn defied the doomsayers with a strong performance in the snap General Election. Theresa May called the election to provide a “strong and stable” Government and ended up having to bribe the Democratic Unionist Party with taxpayers’ money in order to cling to office.

We can go into the holidays with hope and optimism for the coming year – but we must also find the grit and determination which will be required to build and develop our campaign for socialism, locally and nationally.

Last week our friends and comrades in East Brighton branch chose Nancy Platts as their candidate to contest the council by-election which will be triggered when Lloyd Russell-Moyle (whose defeat of Simon Kirby in Kemptown was a local highlight of election night) resigns as a Councillor to focus on his work as a Member of Parliament.

January will therefore give us all the opportunity to travel to Whitehawk to ensure that Nancy and Labour hold Lloyd’s seat on the Council – and that will just be the beginning of a busy year of campaigning.  If you go in for New Year’s Resolutions please consider resolving to increase your campaigning activity.  You can start as soon as you like with our campaign days to Stop the Tory Train Robbery on 2nd January and to halt the rollout of Universal Credit on 13th January.

Public ownership of rail will allow us to cap fares and invest in services, putting passengers before profit.  Join Labour’s rail campaign on 2nd January 2018

Our Local Campaign Forum will meet again in the New Year to endorse a timetable for the selection of Labour candidates to contest all the seats on Brighton and Hove City Council in May 2019.  I hope that many Party members will consider putting yourselves forward as candidates, so that we have a wide and diverse field of candidates to deliver a socialist Council for our City.

I also hope that Party members will engage with the process of making policy for Labour locally so that we develop a local manifesto which is as radical and popular as our General Election manifesto – and that we will then take our socialist message out onto the doorsteps in our thousands.

In 2017 we began to rebuild the Labour Party in Brighton Pavilion – in 2018 we need to turn outwards in order to develop and campaign for the policies which can transform our society. With our eyes fixed on the prize of a socialist Council in 2019 we also need to campaign for socialist policies in the here and now, and remain ready for a General Election which may not come until 2022 – but could come at any time.

With thanks to all the emergency, NHS, transport and leisure industry workers who will be keeping the rest of us safe, well, mobile, fed and entertained over the festive break.

Jon Rogers cropAnd with special thanks to Labour members for supporting our Party during 2017.  I look forward to meeting more of you in 2018.

Very best wishes, Jon Rogers

Chair, Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party

10398_17 Gen Sec Christmas Email banner v32 (00000002)

AGM summary report

Delegates to the AGM of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party (CLP) met on Wednesday 6 December 2017 to receive the annual reports of our Executive Committee (known as the ‘EC’ or ‘Exec’) elected at the previous AGM on 4 February 2017, and to elect a new Exec for the year ahead – to run our Party and administer its business in the Brighton Pavilion constituency.

The meeting thanked all members who have worked hard to re-establish our local Party structures since the CLP was reconvened in February 2017, as well as all local members and supporters who have campaigned with our Party during the year and who donate to Pavilion Labour.  The Treasurer emphasised that those donations need to keep coming in!

The AGM adopted the constitution laid before it and debated a series of constitutional amendments, all but one of which was agreed.  The AGM accepted the outgoing Officers’ Reports and the interim accounts to 31 October.  (The final accounts to the year-end, will be presented, after audit, to the March GC Meeting.)  Delegates at the AGM also warmly received and accepted the CLP Development Plan, proposed by the outgoing Executive Committee.

The constitutional changes included the creation of the two new Executive posts of BAME Officer and Youth Officer, plus the Exec has been expanded with the addition of two delegates – one each representing affiliated trades unions and the Co-operative Party.

You can find out more about each of Pavilion Labour’s 14 current Executive members here and our full Executive Committee plus our auditors for 2018 are as shown below.  NB: The two auditors also elected at the AGM are independent of the Executive and not Exec members.



Notice of AGM


The AGM of Brighton Pavilion CLP will take place on the evening of Wednesday 6 December 2017 at Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF.

Candidates and Voting

Valid and confirmed bona fide General Committee (GC) delegates in post for the AGM will be eligible to stand for election as Officers or to the Executive Committee and to vote at the CLP AGM.

NB: GC delegates elected at branch AGMs take up post with the CLP AGM.

Elections to the Executive Committee

Elections will be held for the voting members of the Executive Committee (EC), comprising:

A.  Officers:

  1. CLP Chair
  2. CLP Secretary
  3. CLP Treasurer
  4. CLP Vice-Chair
  5. CLP Vice-Chair (Membership)
  6. CLP Women’s Officer

B.  Four further Executive members

C.  One Trades Union member

NB: In addition, one delegate is appointed by the Co-operative Party (where it is affiliated to the CLP) as a voting member of the EC.

The Trades Union member of the EC will be elected from and by the trades union delegates to the GC only.

At least three of the elected Officers and a minimum of half the Executive Committee must be women.

Nominations for Sections A and B

Any branch or affiliated organisation can nominate any bona fide GC delegate as a candidate for sections A and B.

For the avoidance of doubt, nominations are not restricted to any branch or affiliate’s own delegates, but may be made from among all valid GC delegates who will be in post from December 2017 on.

Nominations for Section C

Only trades unions affiliated to Brighton Pavilion CLP can nominate candidates for section C.

Nominees for Section C must be bona fide GC delegates from trades union branches who will be in post from December 2017 on.


The AGM will also elect two auditors for the CLP, at least one of whom must be a woman.

Other Business

The AGM will receive interim accounts and annual reports from Officers and the EC, formally adopt a constitution for Brighton Pavilion CLP and deal with any motions proposed to the AGM, plus any other urgent business of the CLP.

Deadline for Receipt of Nominations and Other Business

All nominations will close at 11am on Wednesday 22 November 2017.

Nominations and any other proposals for the AGM should be submitted to the CLP Secretary by email to by 11am on Wednesday 22 November 2017.  If an acknowledgement is not received within a reasonable period, please re-submit your original email to the CLP Secretary and copy the CLP Chair at .

Late nominations and proposals will not be accepted.


Any questions about the AGM can be emailed to the CLP Secretary at or posted to:

The Secretary

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party

11 Dorset Street



We are Labour crop (2)


Thornberry & Burgon speaking in Hove

The General Committee (GC) of Brighton Pavilion CLP has agreed to move the date for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) so that members will be free to attend this important fundraising event for all local Labour Party Branches across Brighton & Hove, kindly organised by our friends and neighbours in Hove and Portslade CLP.


Facebook banner final version

This event is ticket only and there are 500 tickets, available through the Old Market website priced at £30.

A limited number of tickets are available to low income/unemployed members for £5. Please phone Damian Wylie, (Fundraising Officer, Central Hove, Brunswick and Adelaide Branch) on 07581 504670 for details.

Peter Kyle MP and Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP will be attending, and we are very pleased to announce that Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry MP, and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice Richard Burgon MP, will be very special guests.

The evening will combine speeches, entertainment, with music from Jazz For Labour, a raffle and a special buffet supplied by The Real Patisserie.

Book your tickets now!


Labour members support Fair Trade – protest at Sainsbury’s 28 October

Continuing the theme of reports from October’s meeting of our General Committee (GC) – here is something we didn’t get to as we didn’t reach “any other business” – but it’s a fair bet that delegates would have been unanimous in their support if we had.

Sainsbury’s is ditching the Fairtrade mark from some of their own-brand tea and replacing it with a ‘Fairly Traded’ label.  They’ve decided to abandon Fairtrade and pilot their own scheme.

Tea farmers will no long be able to decide for themselves how to spend the money that they have earned through the Fairtrade mark.

Please come along at 2.30pm on Saturday 28th October for a photo outside the Sainsbury’s at Ann Street (just off London Road, past St Bartholomews), bringing with you a cut out of the green cup shown below, which you can print out here.  Or just bring your favourite mug!


Please also sign this petition to tell Sainsbury’s not to ditch Fairtrade.

Fairtrade grren mug