A message from Solomon Curtis

I am honoured to have been chosen as your Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion – a seat that as recently as 2010 was held by Labour.

Progressive Alliance

No doubt you have learned from the media that the Greens proposed a so-called progressive alliance in Brighton, and suggestions have been made that Labour stand aside in Pavilion.

But I have to tell you that no formal approach has been made by the Green Party in the city and their candidate for Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, said at a meeting in which I took part, that she was not asking Labour to stand aside in Pavilion.

A progressive alliance is about stopping the Tories – and the Tories will not win in Pavilion.  By electing a Labour MP, this constituency’s voice will be best heard.  Only Labour can form an alternative government to the Tories.

We, the members, have chosen a party leader in Jeremy Corbyn who presents a radical alternative programme for government.  This is our opportunity to turn that radical programme into reality.  But we can only do that if we have enough Labour MPs to form a government.

The nominations have been submitted. I now want to focus on the real issues in this election – the ones that really matter to voters.


10.05.17 crop
Solomon Curtis speaking to Pavilion Labour members, 10 May 2017


About me

As a 20 year-old final year BA Politics undergraduate at Sussex University, I know the enormous disadvantages facing young people, particularly in Brighton. Education cuts, job insecurity, low wages, unemployment, high rents, the impossibility of getting on the housing ladder, plus crippling tuition fees and student loans to name but a few.

Brighton prides itself in its rich diversity.  But parliament does not represent that diversity.  By helping me become your MP, we will go at least some way towards redressing that balance.

This is the most important election in a generation

I will be an MP for all the people of Pavilion. I also want to see an NHS and social care service that is there when we need it most, so that people do not have to live in fear of old age or infirmity.

Brighton has many people who commute every day to work, or travel for leisure and other reasons.  We have been badly let down by our railway service in recent years.  Those who rely on the trains are reporting jobs lost, families under strain, while businesses in Brighton are suffering.  This cannot go on.  The railways will be brought back into public ownership by a Labour government, where rail will serve the people not the profiteers.

I also want to see a Brighton that has a clean, pleasant and sustainable environment, where we care for our city, including its plant and wildlife.  And let me be clear, I am firmly opposed to bringing back fox hunting which Labour banned in 2004!


13.05.17_Sydney St
Solomon campaigning against the Tories’ £13m cuts to Brighton & Hove schools’ budgets


How you can help

You can simply put up a vote Labour poster in your window. Please contact your local branch or the Labour Party office in Dorset Street for these.


We would love your help in this campaign. You can find out when we are canvassing and holding street stalls on the What’s On page . Precise location details will not be given but you can contact your local branch for those.  I will be getting to as many of these events as I can and will be delighted if you can come along too.  Please let me know if you would like to join in by emailing

You can also help by donating either via my Crowdpac here or direct to Brighton Pavilion Labour Party here.  There are also other ways to donate.

So I hope you will support me in any way you can.  If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact our campaign team: or follow my campaign on twitter or Facebook.

And remember, for a Labour Government nationally, vote for a Labour MP locally on June 8.  In Brighton Pavilion vote Solomon Curtis, in Brighton Kemptown vote Lloyd Russell-Moyle, in Hove & Portslade vote Peter Kyle on June 8.

Bhelm members best

Solomon Curtis

Labour Candidate for MP, Brighton Pavilion





Welcome Solomon Curtis

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party regrets that, for personal reasons, Michelle Thew has withdrawn as our candidate in the forthcoming General Election.

Michelle has passed on her apologies to Labour voters, members and supporters, and confirmed that our campaign for Labour nationwide and across Brighton & Hove’s three parliamentary seats including Pavilion, continues to have her full support as a Labour Party member.
solomon curtisThis afternoon, in accordance with the special procedures agreed for selecting candidates for this snap General Election, our Party’s National Executive Committee (the NEC) has chosen Solomon Curtis as Labour’s candidate in Brighton Pavilion.  Solomon stood for Labour in the Wealden constituency in 2015, where he increased the Labour vote in unpromising territory.
With hundreds of thousands of people registering to vote, and tens of thousands joining Labour since the election was called, we must all commit to the goal of a Labour, rather than a Conservative, Government. ‎ Our campaigning in Pavilion is very much part of a wider local and national campaign with this overriding priority.
Vote Labour
Labour members can meet Solomon Curtis at a special “meet the candidates” rally at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton  BN1 1YD on Wednesday 10 May from 7.30pm and join-in campaigning with Solomon throughout the town centre on Saturday 13 May, starting with a campaigners’ briefing at the Friends’ Meeting House at 10.30am.
Solomon looks forward to meeting everyone during the campaign or you can email any questions to

Michelle Thew

Michelle Thew headshotUPDATE, 8 May 2015 : Brighton Pavilion Labour Party regrets that, for personal reasons, Michelle Thew has withdrawn as Labour’s candidate for Brighton Pavilion in the June 2017 General Election.  Michelle has passed on her apologies to Labour voters, members and supporters, and confirmed that our campaign for Labour nationwide and across Brighton & Hove’s three parliamentary seats including Pavilion, continues to have her full support as a Labour Party member.

Pavilion Labour Chair, Jon Rogers, said: “Labour Party members in Brighton Pavilion will do all we can to work for a Labour Government to replace the brutal and vicious Government of Theresa May.”

Chief Executive of a prominent international charity, Michelle, from Hove, has a long career leading national and international voluntary organisations.  Labour members in Brighton Pavilion wish her every success in the future.

Vote Labour on Thursday 8 June! 

Michelle said “People want to vote for a party that can form a government, with a candidate who can represent their interests in government – and, in Brighton Pavilion, that is a Labour candidate.”


“As a local resident and a commuter myself, I know that our train service is one of the top concerns of local people.  The outgoing Government has turned a blind eye as passengers, including me, have been left high and dry by delays, cancellations and a poor excuse for a service.

A Labour Government will have a clear plan to end the chaos, bringing our railways into public ownership, keeping fares down and ensuring our railway is run in the interests of people and our environment.”

Vote Labour on Thursday 8 June. 




For a Labour Victory!

Theresa May has called a snap General Election in the hope of securing a majority in Parliament for a reactionary programme of social division and a catastrophic “hard Brexit” – but we have an opportunity to trip her up and change the direction of our country for the better by voting Labour.  (Register by 22 May to vote in the General Election on 8 June.  It only takes a couple of minutes to register online with your National Insurance number and you can still register even without an NIC number – it just takes a little longer.)

Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, our Party has already unveiled a series of popular and progressive policies, including the ten pound minimum wage and free school meals for all primary schoolchildren, as well as support for small businesses, carers, pensioners, and our high streets, while investing to reduce inequality, introducing a maximum 20-1 pay ratio, and ensuring that big companies will pay fair taxes.  In the coming weeks we also need to make the British people realise that another Tory Government will destroy our National Health Service as well as comprehensive education.

pensioners promises

Our most important task is to offer our people hope and to warn people that they can eliminate the dread of another Tory Government by voting Labour.  Labour has the policies which will make a fairer society – and a response to last year’s EU Referendum which would stop the United Kingdom becoming the bargain basement tax haven of which the Tories dream.

Labour stands for equality and social justice at home and for peace and internationalism abroad.  Our policies are in the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people of this country.  Our mass membership will now unite in campaigning for these policies – and deny Theresa May the majority she is seeking.

Govt contracting awards_13.04.17

Our goal is a Labour Government implementing socialist policies – our immediate objective must be to defend every Labour seat and defeat as many Tories as possible, focusing on Labour-Tory marginals.  In Brighton Pavilion we will know who our candidate is by Wednesday 3 May – and we have already begun our campaign.

This is the most important General Election in a generation and the choice facing our country could not be clearer.  On the one hand the most reactionary Tory Government in living memory – and on the other a Labour Party offering a clear, coherent socialist alternative.

11.03.17 leaflet - crop

Labour stands for a fairer society that cares for all and an economy that works for all.

It is time for us all to step up to the challenge before us: 

Vote Labour on Thursday 8 June! 

Vote Labour

You can get involved in our General Election campaign in various ways:

  • Make a donation – email Amanda for details via or download our standing order form here
  • Put up a Vote Labour poster and let us know if you would like a larger Vote Labour board for your garden. 
  • Deliver leaflets to your street or block of flats, or help us bundle leaflets ready for delivery.
  • Come out campaigning with us, either when we go door-to-door or when we run street stalls, or talk to people by phone when we run phone banks.
  • Volunteer to help on election day, 8 June.

To find out more about our General Election campaign in Brighton Pavilion constituency, phone 01273 550121 or drop by our constituency offices at 11 Dorset Street, Brighton BN2 8WA, anytime from 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday. 




An Ethical Foreign Policy

Syria_Corbyn 04.17

The statement from our LeaderJeremy Corbyn, concerning the US bombing of Syria was a measured and appropriate response which refused to join those cheerleading for the US military action.

The six year old civil war in Syria has caused untold misery and Emily Thornberry, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, was right at the weekend to say that “Anything we do needs to be seen in terms of how we bring this war to an end faster”.


Syria appeal_UNHCR_11.04.17
The UN Refugees Agency is accepting donations to help Syrian refugees 

In these circumstances the bellicose grandstanding of Boris Johnson, pulling out of a visit to Moscow as a gesture, shows that Theresa May’s Tory Government has nothing constructive to offer towards peace in the Middle East.


On the contrary, Theresa May, as Emily Thornberry has pointed out in the Guardianhas been off to Saudi Arabia to drum up interest in the products of our arms trade – already being used in the civil war in Yemen.

Labour Party members can participate in the National Policy Forum’s current consultation on our International policies – and those of us who are impressed by a Party leadership which stands out against action that escalates conflict will be particularly keen to do so before that consultation ends on 31 May 2017.


Save Pavilion from oblivion!

At Pavilion Labour’s March meeting (our ‘GC’) there was some discussion about the proposals for the future boundaries of Parliamentary constituencies in Brighton and Hove. These proposals were subject to consultation last year when Party organisation in the City was suspended.  Now we are in the third week of a four week period in which all the comments made in that first phase of consultation have been published and can now themselves be commented upon.

The Boundary Commission is compelled to come up with proposals which achieve an overall reduction in the number of MPs to 600, and are required to keep all proposed parliamentary constituencies within a tightly defined number of voters (based not upon the most recent electoral register but upon a fixed point in the past). The initial proposals for Brighton and Hove create a constituency merging some of the current Brighton Kemp Town constituency with wards eastwards along the coast as far as Seaford. That proposal has invited a well-reasoned counter proposal from Councillor Lloyd Russell-Moyle arguing that the social and cultural links between Brighton and Lewes make that a more appropriate connection.  (See also herehere, here and here for Lloyd’s full submission.)

The proposals for the remainder of the City are among the most controversial in our Region. Hove is to lose Hove Park ward, but gain Regency and St Peter’s & North Laine wards from Pavilion, to become a new constituency called “Central Brighton and Hove” stretching along the coast from Portslade to the Pavilion and including the City Centre as far up Ditchling Road as the Round Hill. The bulk of what is currently Brighton Pavilion constituency, together with Hove Park to the west and Woodingdean and Moulsecoomb & Bevendean wards to the east, becomes a new “North Brighton” constituency.  These Boundary Commission’s proposals can be explored online.


It’s quite a change!  As you can see when the existing Brighton Pavilion constituency (coloured pink) is contrasted with the proposed new constituencies for Brighton, Hove & Seaford


There were different views about these proposals at our GC meeting, and there is no official Labour Party position on the proposals. However individual Party members are quite entitled to express opinions, as Lloyd Russell-Moyle has done in respect of the East Brighton proposals. Pavilion member Neil Harding has also made a reasoned counter-proposal which attempts to achieve the number of voters required by the Boundary Commission without moving so many wards around, and retaining a Pavilion constituency more understandable to us locals.  (Including Regency and St Peters & North Laine and without Hove Park, but with Moulsecoomb & Bevendean (from Kemp Town) and Brunswick & Adelaide (from Hove) and minus Withdean.)

Speaking purely personally, and declaring an interest as a committed Brightonian and Regency member, I think that crossing the boundary between Brighton and Hove to construct one or more constituencies fails to respect the very different identities of the two towns – and the fact that the Boundary Commissioners have proposed doing so is in fact simply a consequence of their previous decision not to have any constituencies cross the arbitrary administrative boundary between East and West Sussex. If that unnecessary restriction is abandoned (as the Boundary Commissioners propose doing for another seat at the Sussex/Kent border), Hove can be extended westwards along the coast in order to meet the target numbers which the Government has set for the boundary review.

Eastbrook ward
For parliamentary constituencies to respect the historic boundary between Brighton and Hove only needs Eastbrook ward to be moved out of East Worthing & Shoreham constituency and into Hove

For parliamentary constituencies to respect the historic boundary between Brighton and Hove only needs Eastbrook ward to be moved out of East Worthing & Shoreham constituency and into Hove

If you take as a starting point Neil Harding’s submission to the Boundary Commissioners, but respect the Brighton/Hove boundary by putting Withdean back in Pavilion and returning Brunswick and Adelaide to Hove, the revised Pavilion seat remains within the permitted range of sizes for constituencies of between 71,031 – 78,507 voters.

Hove constituency then becomes too small but this can be remedied by moving neighbouring Eastbrook Ward from East Worthing and Shoreham constituency into Hove. This has the knock on consequence of needing to move Central Ward from Worthing West constituency into East Worthing and Shoreham (which might then perhaps need to be renamed) and Beach Ward from Bognor Regis and Littlehampton constituency  into Worthing West (which I think means taking a fair bit of Littlehampton out of “Bognor Regis and Littlehampton”). Happily by the time you get as far as Littlehampton the dominos stop falling along the coast, as Bognor Regis is big enough to stand on its own feet!

Since I cannot imagine we anticipate Labour victories in either the Bognor or Worthing constituencies in the immediate future I cannot really see any Party interest opposed to anyone making these suggestions, albeit they can only be made as comments on submissions already made.


Central ward West Worthing
Central ward appears to more properly belong in East Worthing & Shoreham than in Worthing West



From a democratic point of view our GC was unable to adopt a view, formally, since there was no clear position put to the GC for it to vote for or against, other than that information would be circulated and Labour members urged to comment before the second consultation ends on 27 March.  Thus I do not think that the Executive has sufficient authority to submit anything on behalf of Brighton Pavilion Labour Party.  It is a consequence of the regrettable suspension of the Party organisation in the City last year that we do not now have time to formulate a policy agreed by Labour Party members at constituency level. Democracy takes time and, without a genuinely democratic process of decision-making, the new leadership of our local Party is not inclined to snatch for itself the authority to speak on behalf of thousands of local Party members.

So it is just my view that the historic boundary between our towns of Brighton and Hove should continue to be the boundary between our parliamentary constituencies. I shall express my view – and I hope that you will express yours, whether you agree with me or not.


Hurry! You only have until 27 March 2017 to respond to comments in the Boundary  Review’s second consultation


Since the Boundary Commissioners have faced a lot of pressure to keep Hove separate from Brighton it is conceivable that they might be influenced to adopt the proposal set out above, as it is the only way to keep a boundary between two constituencies along the boundary between Brighton and Hove. Eastbrook ward is a Labour/Tory marginal held by Labour in 2016. It has one Labour and one Tory Councillor so its inclusion in Hove would not be detrimental to the interests of the Labour Party as far as I can see.

However, the Boundary Commissioners may still refuse proposals which cross the boundary between East and West Sussex.  In that case a constituency based in Hove will have to include wards from Brighton in order to reach the required number of voters. Our challenge within the Labour Parties of Brighton and Hove is to ensure that robustly democratic campaigning branches exist throughout the City so that whatever configuration is eventually chosen we can continue to campaign for socialism – and win!

You can visit the website of the Boundary Review and comment on any and all of the proposals which have been made in the first phase of consultation. I shall be returning to Neil Harding’s proposal and clicking the add comment icon there to insert my suggestion outlined above.  You must also do so by Monday 27 March to have your views included.  Don’t hesitate!

Email with any queries or a copy of your submission.  I strongly urge you to act now.  Let’s save Pavilion from oblivion!

jon-rogers-lrc2-cropJon Rogers

Chair, Pavilion Labour

18 March 2017

Whose NHS? Our NHS!

After 250,000 people marched through London to stop the Tories killing the NHS, Pavilion Labour Executive member Ian McIsaac reflects on his experience of the massive Our NHS Demo of 4 March 2017.
Labour’s John McDonnell MP and Unite’s Len McCluskey led the Our NHS march
This was always going to be great!  I knew that when we boarded the train at Preston Park to find standing room only as it was jam-packed with those from Brighton going up for the march.
It was even better when we stopped at Gatwick and were joined by air passengers transiting to London who were absolutely bewildered by a packed trainload of noisy and enthused left-wingers practising protest songs with the assistance of a loud hailer… It was amazing.
Fishersgate Labour supporters went to tell May to stop Tory attacks on our NHS and schools

After alighting at St Pancras it was again jam-packed all around us with people from all over the country making their way to the assembly point in Tavistock Square.  The noise, the banners, the immense crowds but, most importantly, the camaraderie and common cause of all there made the strength of unity all-encompassing.

John McDonnell MP mixing freely with the crowd before the march left Tavistock Square
Such a sight, the march commenced at 1pm, the numbers were so immense we did not begin to move for about a hour! As we turned into the long straight approach towards Trafalgar Square all that could be seen was the marchers stretching from one end to the other, the front of the march being well on the way to Parliament Square and out of sight.
Pavilion Labour members Derek & Phil, part of Withdean Branch’s contingent on the march
It was a day when the many voices of protest joined up in one great shout of anger, the mantra “Whose NHS?… OUR NHS” bellowed forth over and over again in the tens of thousands.  People stood up to say “we value our NHS” and, again, junior doctors were at the forefront of those fighting wholescale privatisation of our NHS.
Massive banner of SABS – Sussex and Brighton Students – Save The NHS Group
If May, Hunt and the rest of the Conservative Party, their supporters and donors, did not hear it then perhaps a visit to their private Harley Street clinics would be in order to have their hearing checked!
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP and all the other speakers at the rally in Parliament Square certainly had no doubt.  Their speeches encompassed the current deliberate destruction of the NHS by the Tories, using open privatisation, underfunding, neglect and, as always, the blinkered vision which defines the Conservative obsession with profit, the free market and the Tory abhorrence of all things public.
A truly great day and one in which Brighton, Hove and Portslade were all represented by so many members from our three constituency Labour Parties: Brighton Pavilion, Brighton Kemptown and Hove & Portslade.  We were all there to help save our NHS from the Tories.
Ian McIsaac (Pavilion Labour) marching with Hove Labour Secretary James Ellis
Hove & Portslade Labour’s Vice-Chair Kate Knight, with Chair Anne Pissaridou
The Labour Party founded the NHS, and we will not allow the callous,  uncaring, false hope, elitist, Establishment-supporting Conservative Party to fail it, nor destroy it.  The hundreds of thousands on the march yesterday are also the voice of countless millions of others who were there in spirit.
The message was loud and clear:
Clear message to May’s Health Secretary, that Tory Hunt
Ian McIsaac, 5 March 2017

Oblivion for Pavilion?

Brighton Pavilion is (surely) the best name for any Parliamentary constituency in the country.  Who else lives in a constituency named for an enormous Regency folly?

Sadly, there is every possibility that Pavilion (as a constituency) now faces oblivion. The Conservative Government came to power committed to boundary changes which would both reduce the total number of MPs, from 650 to 600, and achieve approximate equality in numbers of registered voters in every constituency.  There is no particularly good reason to reduce the number of MPs, especially not when the unelected House of Lords is so much larger than the democratically elected House of Commons, and we shall be losing our MEPs with Brexit.

08.08.12 Steve Bell on Lords reform and boundary changes
All the main parties had 2015 manifesto pledges to reform the Lord’s, so why are the Tories appointing record numbers of new Lords as they cut MPs?  Image  (c) Steve Bell, 2012

Although the idea of equalising the number of voters in constituencies is appealing, it tends to work against areas in which fewer potential voters have registered to vote.  This impacts constituencies like Brighton Pavilion which has a high number of students, homemovers  and people with no fixed address, who may wrongly think they can’t vote or don’t need to register to vote at their new address.  (Check here if you aren’t sure whether you are eligible to vote.)

Don’t lose your voice – make sure you’re registered to vote

However unfair, the boundary changes to implement Government policy are likely to go ahead, and – given that the consequences include a considerable advantage for the Conservative Party over our Labour Party – this helps to explain why Theresa May hasn’t tried to capitalise on a lead in the opinion polls by calling a swift election.

Locally, the Boundary Commission’s proposals on which a first round of consultation took place last year, take the Regency and St Peters & North Laine wards (and therefore the Pavilion itself) out of the rest of what is currently Brighton Pavilion constituency.  Instead, added back in is Hove Park ward (currently part of Hove) plus Moulsecoomb & Bevendean and Woodingdean wards (both currently part of Brighton Kemptown constituency).  A new constituency called Brighton North (which you can explore online), overlaps most with our current home of Brighton Pavilion.  The two other new constituencies are Brighton Central & Hove (generally replacing Hove) and Brighton East & Newhaven (generally replacing Brighton Kemptown).

The reason for mixing and matching across the boundary between Brighton and Hove is that the existing Hove constituency is too small, and those drafting these changes decided that no constituency should crossover the (purely administrative) boundary between East and West Sussex, although they do propose a constituency which crosses the Sussex and Kent county border.

Tell the Boundary Commission what you think of its proposals for Brighton & Hove before 27 March.

Any citizen can submit their own response to the second stage of consultation which runs until Monday 27 March 2017.  The Boundary Commission has now published the first round of responses it received to its proposals for our new Parliamentary boundaries.  All be read online.  Of the total 2,259 responses received for South East constituencies, 160 are from Pavilion, 209 from Hove and 69 from Kemptown – far above the average of 27 per constituency in our region, reflecting high local concerns.

Although we have very limited time in which to do so, Pavilion Labour will be considering its response, which Labour members were prevented from making during the first consultation as the Party was then unjustly suspended in Brighton & Hove.


Along with Brighton station, the Pavilion and Brighton town centre is shunted into a mainly Hove constituency under the Boundary Commission’s proposals


It is clear that there is strong feeling among local people that these proposals are nonsense – chopping-up Hove, creating a Brighton North constituency which has no seafront, putting the Pavilion into Hove and Hove Park into Brighton, and so on.  The proposals bear no resemblance to the bonds and relationships which exist between certain neighbourhoods of Brighton & Hove, while seeking to create non-existent links between other areas.  Our city maybe called Brighton & Hove, but the Boundary Commission should not ignore widespread evidence of local opposition to ignoring the distinction between the two towns and mixing-up constituencies across the town border.

Some may find it tempting to look for Party advantage in boundary changes – and that might be the basis for the Tories’ current suggestion that Patcham and Withdean wards move into Hove.  However, it is far from easy to predict such advantage more than a few years ahead.  Reflecting on the recent history of Brighton and Hove, I have seen all three seats  held by the Conservatives, all three seats held by Labour, with Labour seen as stronger in one, then another, and then another of our three local constituencies.  Now we have a local parliamentary rainbow representing our city.  One argument in favour of our current electoral system is that it creates a strong relationship between MPs and voters – that important constituency link.  That relies upon constituencies which make sense to local people.

Pavilion Labour members on their way to march against the Iraq war, 15 February 2003

Separately though, our new Pavilion Executive has agreed that, as we may be nearing the end of the existence of our constituency after nearly seventy years, we would like to hear the memories of Party members.  So please do get in touch with Claire Wadey (by email to if you have any memories you would like to share.


Jon Rogers

Chair, Pavilion Labour

26 February 2017


Involved, Radical, Inspired…

Get involved… Get radical… Be inspired… The theme of this year’s Brighton International Women’s Day could easily be a description of Pavilion Labour Women, and Labour women in general, says our Women’s Officer Elaine Bewley.

Throughout Saturday 4 March Pavilion Labour women will be running a stall at the International Women’s Day event in The Dome.  This is the brilliant Brighton celebration organised annually by Brighton Women’s Centre.  As it runs from 10am to 4pm, all volunteers are welcome.  This year many sisters will be absent, quite understandably supporting the #OurNHS protest in London.  So, if you are not travelling to support the national march, we could really do with your help on our Brighton #IWD2017 stall.  


Labour women from Kemptown, Hove & Portslade will be joining us for Brighton International Women’s Day at the Dome, Saturday 4 March 2017



Brighton International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for us to meet other women and make the case for Labour.  We shall be working together with women from Kemptown Labour and Hove & Portslade.  The more volunteers come forward, the more we get to know each other.  The larger our team, the more women we can speak to about Labour’s great policies for women, plus the freer each of us can be to have a look around the event and enjoy the day.  Take a look at the full programme for the day to see all the interesting workshops and everything else going on.


If you want to volunteer, writes Elaine, please contact me at indicating what time(s) you will be available at Brighton Dome on Saturday 4 March.  Do also send in your ideas for our stall.  I know that we have some brilliant bakers among our members.  I was hoping for some red velvet cake in particular…  However long or short a time you can stay for on 4th March, please do come along to the Dome to say hello.  I am really looking forward to meeting as many of our great women members as possible. 

women-in-unison-donate-to-bwc_02-17If you are able to, perhaps you might bring along some spare sanitary pads as these essentials for women are often overlooked in foodbank donations.  As BWC has been highlighting in its recent campaign, women should not have to choose between food and sanitary products.  It was great to see UNISON women donating sanitary pads to BWC during their recent #uwomen17 conference in Brighton.


Elaine Bewley

After International Women’s Day, I shall be calling a meeting of Pavilion’s Women’s Forum.  


One of my priorities is to encourage each of our branches to elect its own Women’s Officer, so that we can create an effective support team, campaigning around the issues of particular importance to women.  I would like to visit all branches to meet members and learn about your concerns and priorities in your local area.  I also want to encourage more women to become delegates and representatives.  Immediately after the March General Committee meeting I will hold a short gathering with any women delegates who would like to join me.

I hope you have seen our new Pavilion Labour Women twitter account @PavilionWomen.  Please follow and let me know the campaigns or issues you are passionate about.  Don’t forget, you can email Pavilion Labour’s Women’s Officer, on

Elaine Bewley, 19 February 2017

Welcome from our Chair

Jon Rogers

It is a great honour to have been elected Chair of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party at our (re)inaugural meeting on Saturday 4 February 2017.

I first joined the Party in this constituency 37 years ago and I have been a member throughout the many difficult years since then.

jon-rogers-relaxedWe now have far more members than we have had for many years – or could even have imagined having. 

Our Constituency Labour Party (CLP) was merged into the Brighton, Hove & District Labour Party after the 2010 elections – at that time no one imagined that our membership would grow as it has.

The socialist leadership of Jeremy Corbyn has inspired many people to join (or re-join) our Party and we now have an unanticipated opportunity to transform not only our Party but also the wider society.

I hope that all Labour Party members will attend local branch meetings and ensure that all branches are represented at the GC meetings where we shall determine the policy of the Labour Party in our local area.

We have an opportunity to change the world, but if we wish to make use of this opportunity we must participate in our own local Labour Party which is now under our own control.

Jon Rogers can be contacted by email to: