A Message from Adam Imanpour

Adam Iman 4 Btn Pav

Best outside

Dear Friend,

I am writing to introduce myself to you as your Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion. My name is Adam Imanpour. I was brought up in Brighton and currently work locally as a mechanic for a family firm.

I am very proud to have been selected as your Labour candidate and to be part of the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister. This election offers a choice between a Tory Government which would sell our National Health Service to Donald Trump, or a Labour Government which will implement our Green New Deal.

Growing up in Brighton, I was lucky enough to know the difference that a Labour Government can make to the lives of ordinary people. I could go to sixth form at BHASVIC because of Labour’s Education Maintenance Allowance, which the Tories cut in 2010 (when they also trebled tuition fees), and which the next Labour government will restore.

I know what it is like when a family member has their Personal Independence Payment reduced, or when another family member loses their Working Family Tax Credits. This is the reality of our lives in Tory Britain. Because I live and work locally, I also know how hard many of us are finding it to cope – struggling in particular with high housing costs, which make things so tough for all of us, and for young people especially.

A Labour Government will scrap tuition fees and restore maintenance grants for disadvantaged students, so that access to education is a right for all and everyone can reach their potential, regardless of their background. That is just one of a hundred reasons why I am asking for your help with our Labour campaign in Brighton Pavilion.

Campaigning this weekend

L.Rd 1 c

Please join me:

  • This Saturday, 16 November – when we will be organising street stalls across Brighton to promote Labour’s Green New Deal.  Please contact your Branch for details or come into the Party’s office between 11am-midday at 11 Dorset Street BN2 1WA


  • This Sunday, 17 November – when we are holding a “Super Sunday” canvassing session, going out at 11am and 2pm.  Please email Pavilion Labour’s CLP Secretary for details.


Brighton Pavilion Labour Party is also helping with Labour’s other local campaigns – and on Friday 15 November – you can help the campaign for Lloyd Russell-Moyle in Brighton Kemptown. Meet at 33 Dawson Terrace, Brighton BN2 0EL at 2pm.

You can also help by donating to our local campaign here.  This will be really appreciated.

There’s only a month to go until we can elect a Labour government, so let’s do everything we can to ensure that happens.

Thank you for your support for the Labour Party.

Cheers, Adam

Adam Imanpour – Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion


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A Labour Government for Christmas!

GE coming

The General Election on 12 December gives us all a once-in-a-generation chance for real change in this country.
This election is about us – all of us – choosing to give our NHS, our schools and our vital public services the funding they so desperately need after nearly a decade of Tory austerity cuts.
A Labour government will stop funding tax handouts to the wealthy few and instead take action to tackle the Climate Emergency and the housing crisis. Labour will invest to kickstart the Green Industrial Revolution, creating skilled jobs in new, clean industries, including improvements to existing housing and ensuring all newbuilds comply with the standards set by Norwich Labour’s award-winning ultra-low energy homes.

NHS Scot c
Boris Johnson wants a majority in Parliament for his damaging Brexit deal – a deal which sells out workers’ rights, abandons our environmental protections and leaves our NHS and schools up for grabs. By voting Labour we can stop Johnson’s Tories and change the direction of our country for the better.
Labour will negotiate a better deal with the EU and then put it to the people to decide. Most Labour supporters are trade union members, so we’re used to voting on the best deal we can get – and that’s the basis of Labour’s policy. There’s nothing muddled or complicated. This is something we routinely do in our trade unions – negotiate the best deal we can, put that deal to a ballot (to decide between taking the deal or remaining as we are) and abide by the outcome. Labour is the only party guaranteeing this final say to all voters.

Register to vote now

Register to vote before 26 November, to vote in the General Election on 12 December. It only takes a couple of minutes to register online here with your National Insurance number and you can still register even without an NIC number – it just takes a little longer.
You might also want to apply for a postal vote online here, as voting in December might end up being cold, wet, dark or slippery. Anyone can ask for a postal vote – you don’t need to give a reason but you do need to apply before 5pm on 26 November.


People-Before-Privilege c
Labour has many popular and progressive policies, including:

  • the Green Industrial Revolution, also known as the Socialist Green New Deal, with a complete ban on fracking
  • scrapping Universal Credit, the Bedroom Tax, punitive sanctions and ‘fit-to-work’ tests on sick and disabled people
  • restored funding for schools within our plans for a National Education Service
  • the ten pound minimum wage and employment rights for all workers from day one
  • extending Statutory Sick Pay and fair benefits for self-employed people
  • an end to zero hour contracts
  • free bus travel for under 25s, pensioners and disabled people
  • renationalisation of our railways, Royal Mail, water and energy network
  • free prescriptions within a renationalised NHS
  • continuing free TV licence for older pensioners (which Labour first introduced and the Tories are whittling away)

as well as support for small businesses, carers, and our high streets, while ensuring that big companies and the super-rich will pay fair taxes.
Our Party’s manifesto consultation period runs until 23:59 on Wednesday 6 November. Labour members and supporters can take this opportunity to get involved – use the link here to share your ideas with the Shadow Cabinet.  The manifesto process will bring all our ideas together in one place and, in the coming weeks, voters will hear about all Labour policies for the many not the few.


Many not Few
Labour stands for equality, climate justice and social justice at home and for peace and internationalism abroad. Labour has the policies which will make a fairer society – and which would stop the United Kingdom becoming the bargain basement tax haven of which the Tories and the Brexit Party dream.
Our goal is a Labour Government for the many not the few.  Our immediate objective must be to defend every Labour seat and defeat as many Tories as possible, focusing on Labour-Tory marginals.  Members in Brighton Pavilion will know who our Labour candidate is by Thursday 7 November and can meet our candidate at our Campaign Launch on Saturday 9 November, 10am at the Friends’ Meeting House.
The choice facing our country could not be clearer. On the one hand a Tory Government which backs an economy rigged in favour of big business and the privileged few – and on the other a Labour Party offering a clear, coherent alternative to transform our country in the interests of the 99%.
Labour stands for a fairer society that cares for all and an economy that works for all.  It is time for us all to step up to the challenge before us:


How you can help
Labour is a movement, and our strength comes from us all working together
You can get involved in our General Election campaign in various ways:

Make a donation here using your debit or credit card, or request bank transfer details by emailing our Treasurer, Claire, at treasurer@pavilionlabour.org.uk
Put up a Vote Labour poster and let us know if you would like a larger Vote Labour board for your garden.
Deliver leaflets to your street or block of flats, or help us bundle leaflets and letters ready for delivery.
Get involved onlinetake a look at some tips for social media campaigning here.
Come out campaigning with us, either when we go door-to-door or when we run street stalls, or talk to people by phone when we run phone banks.
Volunteer to help on election day, 12 December.
There’s lots to do in the next five weeks, so to find out more about our General Election campaign in Brighton Pavilion constituency, phone 01273 806773, option 3, or drop by our constituency offices at 11 Dorset Street, Brighton BN2 8WA, on Tuesdays between 11am – 4pm.

Vote Labour on Thursday 12 December!   For the Many Not The Few!


Register to vote

Please check you’re registered to votedon’t just assume that you are (although all Labour members really should be already).  Register before 26 November 2019 to vote in the general election on 12 December 2019.
If you’ve moved house recently, you need to re-register at your new address.
If you’re turning 18 on or before 12 December you can register ahead of your 18th birthday.  As you can register as soon as you turn 16, there’s no need to wait.
Students can register at both your home and university addresses. You can only vote once but registering in both allows you to choose to vote in the constituency where it will benefit Labour the most. Please make sure that you have registered in both, so that you can decide where’s best to vote Labour in the general election on 12 December 2019.
Apply for a postal vote here if bad weather or the dark might put you off going out to vote in the general election on 12 December.  Anyone can apply for a postal vote – you don’t have to give a reason.  But you do need to apply before 5pm on 26 November.

Think voting doesn't matter...
With your National Insurance number it only takes a few minutes to register online here. Even if you don’t have an NIC number, you can still register online, for example using an NHS or student ID number.
If you’re not sure whether you are already registered or not, it doesn’t do any harm to register online again. If you want to check whether you are already registered in Brighton or Hove, you can contact Electoral Services at Hove Town Hall using the contact information here, and there’s more information on registering to vote from Brighton & Hove City Council here.
Please spread the word on voter registration with all your friends and family.
The most important thing we can do right now is to get all Labour supporters, especially young people, registered to vote.
Don’t lose your voice, or your vote – make sure that you are registered to vote.

Register to vote now


Pankhurst Flats Fundraiser

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party has paid £587 to the Pankhurst flats fire campaign fundraiser after our delegates held a collection at Labour Party Conference. Thanks to everyone who donated in solidarity and support for families and residents who have lost everything in the fire which completely destroyed at least 12 flats and damaged many more.

You can donate here if you want to help local residents affected by the fire, who have lost homes and possessions.  This fundraiser is also recommended by Brighton and Hove City Council for anyone wanting to help the 50 people left homeless by the fire.

Pavilion Labour sends our solidarity and support to everyone impacted by this fire and a huge thank you to all the emergency service workers involved; in particular the firefighters and ambulance crews, whose speedy and hard work, courage and professionalism, ensured that there was no loss of life.

Thank You

#Lab19 references back

Delegates and visitors at 2019 Labour Conference have been flummoxed by the refusal by Conference Arrangements Committee (known as “CAC”) to publish and circulate the text of the submissions made by constituencies referring back parts of the National Policy Forum (“NPF”) Report for further consideration.


Brighton Pavilion Labour Party encouraged all members to participate in the NPF’s 2019 policy consultation process and our conference delegates compared the NPF Report to our Party’s submissions to that consultation, and then submitted a series of proposals (known as “references back”) where it was felt that the NPF Report was inadequate.

For information, details of some of those references back can be found using the links below:

We hope that CAC will end the chaos seen at 2019 Labour conference on Sunday by either circulating to all delegates the full text of all reference back submissions, or taking the votes on each immediately after they are moved and debated.  If not, we trust that this blog is of some use to conference delegates voting on references back.

VK speaking at #Lab19
Brighton Pavilion delegate Val Knight moving references back to the Health and Social Care Report

Welcome #Lab19 to Brighton!

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party extends a warm, personal welcome to all our fellow Party members who will be attending Labour Conference 2019 in our home town from 21 – 25 September. If you know a Labour member coming to #Lab19, please direct them to us!

Delegates and visitors will be able to find us at stand 62 on the ground floor of the Conference Exhibition, nearby the balloting area – so visit us when you collect your ballot papers and cast your votes.

IMG_20190920_162637165 (2)
Delegate Elaine Bewley by the Pavilion Labour stand


Our volunteers can provide you with local tips on where to go and answer your questions about the local area. You can choose from our range of popular handmade badges, hear local campaign news, take a look at our local campaign materials, and enter our raffle for your chance to win accommodation at Labour Conference 2021, either for yourself or another delegate from your CLP.

Brighton’s long tradition of radical politics, including some of Britain’s earliest co-operatives and communal healthcare, informs our socialism today. In the Conference Hall, we are asking delegates to prioritise our resolution on justice, equality and inclusion for trans and non-binary people:

#Lab19 handout_front

#Lab19 handout_reverse

We shall also be asking delegates to vote to reinstate our CLP’s constitutional amendment (to limit suspensions to three months ordinarily) for debate this year. This will require a vote to reject the decision of Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) to rule our amendment as out of order – what’s known as a vote to reference back the CAC report.

Since, as it has been ruled out by CAC, our constitutional amendment has been excluded from the Delegates’ Report, so we have reproduced it below.  Our CLP wants Labour’s rules changed so that member suspensions cannot ordinarily exceed 3 months in duration and the NEC must report annually to conference on any that do.  CAC claims this was covered by an NEC rule change last year which limited NCC investigations to 3 months without any reporting of exceptions.

Pav const am

One of our own members was suspended for 847 days before the case was heard and they were immediately reinstated.  A time limit on suspensions, not just investigations, as is applied by many affiliated unions and other bodies, will prevent such delays to justice in our party for both suspended members and members who are waiting to have their complaints heard.  To find out more, please find one of our delegates in seats 1-5 of rows EF – EG – EH on the conference floor, or speak to us outside of conference, or come by our stall.

Suspensions example

Outside of Conference, the ever-popular Stand up for Labour holds its Labour Party Conference Special at the Komedia , 44-47 Gardener Street, Brighton BN1 1UN, at 7pm on Monday 23 September with an evening full of laughs provided by Njambi McGrath, Don Biswas, ASLEF’s Tosh McDonald and Red Dwarf star Norman Lovett, plus compere Crispin Flintoff and special guest political speakers. Buy tickets now for £15 or £20 on the door.


As we say in Pavilion Labour – celebrate diversity, fight prejudice, and have fun!  And it looks like delegates will be having some fun at Labour Conference this year!
Please prioritise and support our resolution, support our rule change and come to meet us when you visit our stall at #Lab19!

But, whatever you do, have a fantastic time at 2019 Labour Conference and welcome to Brighton Pavilion!

It’s Our Future!

A message from Dan Carey, Pavilion Labour Youth Officer:

Hello, I’m writing to you as the Chair of the Pavilion Labour Youth Forum (which includes all Labour Party members, under 27, living in Brighton Pavilion parliamentary constituency). As no doubt you have noticed, the political climate of the country has been growing consistently more erratic. With the possibility of a general election now highly likely, it is vital that young members make their voices heard. With this in mind, there’s a couple of important events coming up that I want to remind you about.

Climate Strike

On Friday 20th September at 11am, the general strike for climate is taking place. With a very high expected turnout (including yours truly and many other, easily identifiable, Young Labour members) the group will march from Hove Lawns to The Level to hear some impressive speakers, some great music and take part in protest actions. I highly recommend attending for a bit (even if you can’t make the whole day) to add your voice to the many others, demanding climate justice.

This month, we are calling on everyone – adults, workers, trade unionists, community campaigners, and especially all Labour members and supporters – to join us in the Brighton global climate strike. We will be joining people all around the world in what’s set to be a massive day of climate action, so please join us in Brighton and bring your friends, co-workers, parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and everyone you know along. Let’s make this the largest climate mobilisation the city has ever seen – and let’s get everyone we can wearing red and marching behind our brilliant new Brighton Pavilion Young Labour banner.

YL banner_mesh design

Let’s take this opportunity to deliver a clear message for climate justice just 3 days before the UN Climate Action Summit on 23rd September.

Youth Forum AGM

At 1pm on Sunday 6th of October, all Pavilion Young Labour members are invited to our AGM at 11 Dorset Street BN2 1WA (2 mins from the Old Steine).

We will be electing officer positions for the upcoming year and planning our actions in the likely event of an election (organising campaigning, mobilising members, etc). It is very important that we have a plan of action for any upcoming election, but don’t worry, the atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly. All young members from the constituency are welcome.

11.17 crop

If you want to nominate yourself for a position, or have any questions at all, you may email me – dan@pavilionlabour.org.uk .

Register to vote now

Please check you’re registered to vote – don’t just assume that you are (although all Labour members really should be!). If you’ve moved house recently, you need to re-register at your new address. If you’re turning 18 soon, you can register ahead of your 18th birthday (in fact you can register as soon as you turn 16), so there’s no need to wait. Register today because we don’t know when an election could be called.

Students can register at both your addresses – in your home and university constituencies. You can only vote once but registering in both allows you to choose to vote where it’ll benefit Labour the most. So please make sure that you have registered in both.

With your National Insurance number it only takes a few minutes to register online here.  Even if you don’t have an NIC number, you can still register online, for example using an NHS or student ID number.

If you’re not sure whether you’re registered or not, it doesn’t do any harm to register online again. But, if you want to check whether you are already registered in Brighton or Hove, you can contact Electoral Services at Hove Town Hall using the contact information here and there’s more information on registering to vote from Brighton & Hove City Council here.


Please spread the word on voter registration with all your friends and family. The most important thing we can do right now is to get young people registered to vote.

It’s our future and we must be heard! Let’s make sure all young Labour supporters we know are registered to vote.

Cheers, Dan

Chair of the Pavilion Labour Youth Forum

Dan Carey at FMH_20.07.19 c


Welcome #TUC2019 to Brighton!

As trade union delegates assemble at the Brighton Centre for the TUC’s Congress 2019, Brighton Pavilion Labour Party wants to send a personal welcome to all our sisters and brothers visiting our home town this September.

In 2017, Labour Conference agreed policy to repeal Britain’s anti-trade union laws and introduce strong legal rights to organise, collectively bargain and strike.  Brighton Pavilion Labour Party believes that trade union freedom is a crucial issue for the whole labour movement.  With the possibility of a Corbyn-led Labour government soon, we need to build the strongest possible support to ensure these demands are implemented.

Consequently, Pavilion Labour has asked other Labour Parties and Labour’s affiliates to add their endorsement to the statement below.  If desired, signatures can be added to this blog to show organisations that have signed.  We are also asking our members to help in promoting this statement.  As socialists and trades unionists we stand together!

IMG_5046 crop


We need the right to organise and strike – free our unions

We are campaigning to abolish the anti-trade union laws which hamstring workers organising and taking industrial action, and replace them with strong legal rights.

We applaud the unanimous decision by the 2017 Labour Party conference to call for repeal of not just the 2016 Trade Union Act but also the “anti-union laws introduced in the 1980s and 90s” by the Thatcher and Major Tory governments and kept in place after 1997; and for a “strong legal charter of workers’ rights”. “For unions to be effective workers need an effective right to strike”. This builds on the 2015 conference decision, also unanimous, that the next Labour government should “legislate for strong rights to unionise, win recognition and collective bargaining, strike, picket and take solidarity action”.

We will campaign to ensure:

  • Complete repeal of all the anti-union laws introduced after 1979.
  • Strong legal rights for workers to join, belong to and recruit others to a union; strike by a process, at a time and for demands of their own choosing, including in solidarity with other workers and for broader social and political goals; and picket freely.
  • Strong legal rights for unions to access workplaces, win recognition and engage in collective bargaining, including sector-wide bargaining.
  • The right of unions to determine their own structures, rules and processes, decide their own policies and activities, and spend their funds as they choose, free from state and employer interference, in line with ILO Conventions and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Ruth John LP banner

After Congress concludes on Wednesday afternoon:

Everyone is encouraged to attend this Wednesday evening’s public meeting of Brighton, Hove and District Trades Union Council, at the Friends’ Meeting House in Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF, starting 7.30pm. Speakers include Jane Loftus, President of The Communications Union (CWU) and Annapurna Morley from YouthStrike4Climate Brighton.

11.09.19 BH TUC

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party also asks Labour-affiliated trades unions to prioritise our resolution for discussion at 2019 Labour Conference:


Justice, equality, inclusion for trans+

End Rail Rip-Off!

On Wednesday 14 August, next year’s rail fare rise will be announced.  Despite the utter failure of privatised rail – with delays, cancellations and failing franchises – we’ll still be asked to pay more for our journeys next year.

Join us to call for public ownership and an end to the #RailRipOff!

Join in the national rail fares action with campaigners We Own It and RMT union members.

End rail rip-off c2 (3)


In Brighton the action is planned to start outside Brighton station from 7am.  You can download your action toolkit here and find details of all the events happening across the country here.

We need a Labour government to bring our railways into public ownership and put passengers, our communities and environment ahead of the profits of private train operators.  Read more about Labour’s policies for rail and public transport here.

On railways (2)



We Stand Together

Pavilion Labour will be standing in solidarity with all LGBT+ people, celebrating diversity, campaigning for equality and enjoying all the fun at Brighton Pride on Saturday 3 August 2019.

Look out for the LGBT+ Labour bloc on the Pride parade, with friends from Pavilion, Kemptown and Hove joining LGBT+ Labour, or find one of our #LabourAndProud street stalls along the London Road, or meet-up at the LGBT+ Labour stall inside Party in the Park.  Wear red if you’re coming along to join us!

Be prepared for the Pride Parade which follows a different route this year.  The Parade will begin assembling on Hove Lawns from 9.30am and is due to march off at 11am.  You can also find useful advice here on all aspects of Pride 2019.

2019 Pride poster_no imprint

Take a look at some more of Labour’s pledges for LGBT+ equality –

2019 Pride leaflet_2 bottom

#WeStandTogether with LGBT+ people because we’re #LabourAndProud.