Pavilion Labour nominates…

Below are the full results of the members’ ballots conducted at the all members’ meeting tof Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party (the CLP), held on Saturday 8 February 2020, to determine the nominations by the CLP for Labour Party Leader, Deputy Leader and to fill three vacancies on the Labour Party National Executive Committee.

Pav noms RLB_Butler_LE20-2

Pavilion Labour nominates Rebecca Long-Bailey for Labour Leader:

LE20_Pav noms_leader_08.02.20

Pavilion Labour nominates Dawn Butler for Deputy Leader:

LE20_Pav noms_deputy_08.02.20_JR

Pavilion Labour nominates Lauren Townsend and Jo Bird for the NEC:

LE20_Pav NEC_CLP noms results_08.02.20

Pavilion Labour nominates Mehmood Mirza for the NEC’s BAME seat:


LE20_Pav NEC_BAME nom results_08.02.20

Our tellers are thanked for their conduct of the ballot and count and all members are thanked for their comradely participation.


Many not Few

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