Vote Labour!

Every Vote Matters – Vote Labour!

Like many Labour members across the country, Pavilion Labour members have spent the last few weeks volunteering for The Labour Party, campaigning for Labour’s manifesto and for our candidate in Brighton Pavilion, Adam Imanpour.

Knocking on doors around Brighton, or standing at a street stall handing out leaflets along London Road, we have felt the force of the hope which our Labour Party, with our current policies and leadership, can inspire in people for – and by – whom our Party was made.

Boris Johnson’s Tories seek a majority so that they can force through a Hard Brexit and prepare for trade talks with Trump’s America that will put our NHS and our environment at risk.  The Tories offer us a future as a declining, xenophobic “Little England” selling off our few remaining assets in order to be a low-wage tax haven off the coast of Europe.

Set against this awful prospect, Labour has published a manifesto for Hope and Change, offering a defence of our NHS, public services, communities, environment and the rights and interests of ordinary working people.



Labour’s 2019 manifesto is a social democratic programme which offers real change and improvement to the lives of our people.

As the clock ticks down until polling stations open at 7am on 12 December – and close again at 10pm – these are some of the most important hours of our lives. Now is the time to say, without equivocation, to everyone you know that they should vote Labour.

More than that, on 12 December, please make any time you can to volunteer with your local Labour Party, in order to leaflet, knock on doors and get our Party’s message of real change out to voters. Whatever you can do to convince people to vote Labour…

Please use all the free time you can to highlight the message of real change – rebuilding our country and reinvesting in our people, communities and environment – being offered by our Labour Party, as Ken Loach’s new short film highlights here.

The country faces a clear choice between the Tories and Labour.  Every vote matters and every vote cast for Labour on 12 December will be a vote for real change.

There is nothing you can do today and tomorrow that is more important than maximising the Labour vote on 12 December.  In Brighton Pavilion, a seat which Labour held from 1997 to 2010, that means working for our Labour candidate, Adam Imanpour.

People-Before-Privilege c2



It is very disappointing that, once again, the Green Party’s candidate has called on voters to support her in order to “keep the Tories out of Brighton Pavilion”, suggesting that the Tories need to be stopped in Pavilion. This is a deliberate and dishonest attempt to scare voters attracted to Labour’s positive socialist programme into voting “tactically” for the Green Party’s candidate.

This is against the overwhelming weight of evidence which shows that the Tories have no chance of winning in Pavilion. The Tory vote in Pavilion has fallen continuously since 1997 – the only parties that can possibly win in Brighton Pavilion are Labour or the Greens.

There is no “progressive alliance” argument for voting Green in Brighton Pavilion, where Labour is rightly offering our many voters and supporters the chance to vote directly in support of Labour policies, our manifesto for real change, our leadership and our candidate, Adam Imanpour.

The only way for Labour supporters to support Labour in Brighton Pavilion is to vote for our Labour candidate, Adam Imanpour. There is no risk that the Conservative candidate could win in Brighton Pavilion.

Best outside

Adam  thanks everyone who has been helping our local campaign in Pavilion.  We are finding more and more voters coming over to Labour.  Our street stalls and leaflets have reached thousands of local people, with exceptionally strong support for our campaigning in the town centre last weekend.

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to maximise support for Labour’s manifesto – by supporting Labour’s candidate in Brighton Pavilion.  Every vote which puts a Labour MP in Parliament will strengthen the hand of Jeremy Corbyn after the election – particularly if there is a hung Parliament.

So, on election day, 12 December 2019, in Brighton Pavilion, please:

  • Encourage everyone you know to vote Labour!
  • If you don’t already have a Labour poster in your window put one up now – you can still get one tomorrow morning from the Party office at 11 Dorset Street.
  • Make a donation to our constituency campaign.
  • Come leafleting with us in the morning and the evening and, in between, call into the Party office at 11 Dorset Street, Brighton BN2 1WA from 10am onwards on polling day to collect leaflets for delivery and handing out.

Whatever you can do to help Labour before polls close in the 2019 General Election will be valuable and important – please do all you can to support our Labour Party.

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