#Lab19 references back

Delegates and visitors at 2019 Labour Conference have been flummoxed by the refusal by Conference Arrangements Committee (known as “CAC”) to publish and circulate the text of the submissions made by constituencies referring back parts of the National Policy Forum (“NPF”) Report for further consideration.


Brighton Pavilion Labour Party encouraged all members to participate in the NPF’s 2019 policy consultation process and our conference delegates compared the NPF Report to our Party’s submissions to that consultation, and then submitted a series of proposals (known as “references back”) where it was felt that the NPF Report was inadequate.

For information, details of some of those references back can be found using the links below:

We hope that CAC will end the chaos seen at 2019 Labour conference on Sunday by either circulating to all delegates the full text of all reference back submissions, or taking the votes on each immediately after they are moved and debated.  If not, we trust that this blog is of some use to conference delegates voting on references back.

VK speaking at #Lab19
Brighton Pavilion delegate Val Knight moving references back to the Health and Social Care Report

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