Welcome #Lab19 to Brighton!

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party extends a warm, personal welcome to all our fellow Party members who will be attending Labour Conference 2019 in our home town from 21 – 25 September. If you know a Labour member coming to #Lab19, please direct them to us!

Delegates and visitors will be able to find us at stand 62 on the ground floor of the Conference Exhibition, nearby the balloting area – so visit us when you collect your ballot papers and cast your votes.

IMG_20190920_162637165 (2)
Delegate Elaine Bewley by the Pavilion Labour stand


Our volunteers can provide you with local tips on where to go and answer your questions about the local area. You can choose from our range of popular handmade badges, hear local campaign news, take a look at our local campaign materials, and enter our raffle for your chance to win accommodation at Labour Conference 2021, either for yourself or another delegate from your CLP.

Brighton’s long tradition of radical politics, including some of Britain’s earliest co-operatives and communal healthcare, informs our socialism today. In the Conference Hall, we are asking delegates to prioritise our resolution on justice, equality and inclusion for trans and non-binary people:

#Lab19 handout_front

#Lab19 handout_reverse

We shall also be asking delegates to vote to reinstate our CLP’s constitutional amendment (to limit suspensions to three months ordinarily) for debate this year. This will require a vote to reject the decision of Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) to rule our amendment as out of order – what’s known as a vote to reference back the CAC report.

Since, as it has been ruled out by CAC, our constitutional amendment has been excluded from the Delegates’ Report, so we have reproduced it below.  Our CLP wants Labour’s rules changed so that member suspensions cannot ordinarily exceed 3 months in duration and the NEC must report annually to conference on any that do.  CAC claims this was covered by an NEC rule change last year which limited NCC investigations to 3 months without any reporting of exceptions.

Pav const am

One of our own members was suspended for 847 days before the case was heard and they were immediately reinstated.  A time limit on suspensions, not just investigations, as is applied by many affiliated unions and other bodies, will prevent such delays to justice in our party for both suspended members and members who are waiting to have their complaints heard.  To find out more, please find one of our delegates in seats 1-5 of rows EF – EG – EH on the conference floor, or speak to us outside of conference, or come by our stall.

Suspensions example

Outside of Conference, the ever-popular Stand up for Labour holds its Labour Party Conference Special at the Komedia , 44-47 Gardener Street, Brighton BN1 1UN, at 7pm on Monday 23 September with an evening full of laughs provided by Njambi McGrath, Don Biswas, ASLEF’s Tosh McDonald and Red Dwarf star Norman Lovett, plus compere Crispin Flintoff and special guest political speakers. Buy tickets now for £15 or £20 on the door.


As we say in Pavilion Labour – celebrate diversity, fight prejudice, and have fun!  And it looks like delegates will be having some fun at Labour Conference this year!
Please prioritise and support our resolution, support our rule change and come to meet us when you visit our stall at #Lab19!

But, whatever you do, have a fantastic time at 2019 Labour Conference and welcome to Brighton Pavilion!

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