It’s Our Future!

A message from Dan Carey, Pavilion Labour Youth Officer:

Hello, I’m writing to you as the Chair of the Pavilion Labour Youth Forum (which includes all Labour Party members, under 27, living in Brighton Pavilion parliamentary constituency). As no doubt you have noticed, the political climate of the country has been growing consistently more erratic. With the possibility of a general election now highly likely, it is vital that young members make their voices heard. With this in mind, there’s a couple of important events coming up that I want to remind you about.

Climate Strike

On Friday 20th September at 11am, the general strike for climate is taking place. With a very high expected turnout (including yours truly and many other, easily identifiable, Young Labour members) the group will march from Hove Lawns to The Level to hear some impressive speakers, some great music and take part in protest actions. I highly recommend attending for a bit (even if you can’t make the whole day) to add your voice to the many others, demanding climate justice.

This month, we are calling on everyone – adults, workers, trade unionists, community campaigners, and especially all Labour members and supporters – to join us in the Brighton global climate strike. We will be joining people all around the world in what’s set to be a massive day of climate action, so please join us in Brighton and bring your friends, co-workers, parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and everyone you know along. Let’s make this the largest climate mobilisation the city has ever seen – and let’s get everyone we can wearing red and marching behind our brilliant new Brighton Pavilion Young Labour banner.

YL banner_mesh design

Let’s take this opportunity to deliver a clear message for climate justice just 3 days before the UN Climate Action Summit on 23rd September.

Youth Forum AGM

At 1pm on Sunday 6th of October, all Pavilion Young Labour members are invited to our AGM at 11 Dorset Street BN2 1WA (2 mins from the Old Steine).

We will be electing officer positions for the upcoming year and planning our actions in the likely event of an election (organising campaigning, mobilising members, etc). It is very important that we have a plan of action for any upcoming election, but don’t worry, the atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly. All young members from the constituency are welcome.

11.17 crop

If you want to nominate yourself for a position, or have any questions at all, you may email me – .

Register to vote now

Please check you’re registered to vote – don’t just assume that you are (although all Labour members really should be!). If you’ve moved house recently, you need to re-register at your new address. If you’re turning 18 soon, you can register ahead of your 18th birthday (in fact you can register as soon as you turn 16), so there’s no need to wait. Register today because we don’t know when an election could be called.

Students can register at both your addresses – in your home and university constituencies. You can only vote once but registering in both allows you to choose to vote where it’ll benefit Labour the most. So please make sure that you have registered in both.

With your National Insurance number it only takes a few minutes to register online here.  Even if you don’t have an NIC number, you can still register online, for example using an NHS or student ID number.

If you’re not sure whether you’re registered or not, it doesn’t do any harm to register online again. But, if you want to check whether you are already registered in Brighton or Hove, you can contact Electoral Services at Hove Town Hall using the contact information here and there’s more information on registering to vote from Brighton & Hove City Council here.


Please spread the word on voter registration with all your friends and family. The most important thing we can do right now is to get young people registered to vote.

It’s our future and we must be heard! Let’s make sure all young Labour supporters we know are registered to vote.

Cheers, Dan

Chair of the Pavilion Labour Youth Forum

Dan Carey at FMH_20.07.19 c


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