Only Labour will save our NHS

Currently, radiotherapy appointments are concentrating my mind on the vital importance to all of us of our National Health Service. Our NHS is the subject of a very significant motion from Preston Park Branch to be discussed this week by Pavilion Labour’s General Committee – the policy-making body for our local Party. The motion calls for:

“the full renationalisation of a publicly provided, universal, comprehensive NHS free at the point of use”.

The current Conservative Government is building on decades of outsourcing of health services by fragmenting the NHS in England in ways which prepare the ground for further privatisation. Under a Tory Government, our health service will fall ever more under the sway of the profit motive until we find ourselves facing charges for more and more basic health care.

Ian Evans quote
Dedicated NHS staff, like Brighton’s Ian Evans, are on the frontline of Tory cuts to our NHS


There is only one way to prevent this outcome – and that is to elect a Labour Government in the forthcoming General Election (whenever that may be). Labour will recreate a national health service in which technology serves rather than replaces full local primary and secondary care provision. All outsourcing will end, including the commissioning of healthcare which is increasingly being privatised. There will be joint planning between the NHS and a national care service.

Because today’s Labour Party is led by a committed socialist and is pledged to a transformative political programme – including the rejuvenation of our NHS – the Establishment in this country will stop at nothing to prevent a Labour majority in Parliament, or to weaken an incoming Labour Government.



Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour is pledged to fully renationalise our NHS


We can anticipate that those who are opposed to social progress will step up attacks upon our Party and its leadership as an election looms. We can anticipate a constant stream of bile from the media, further “leaks” from the civil service and a steady drip of resignations and attacks from those within the Party who oppose our socialist direction.

There is nothing new about mounting unjustified attacks upon our Party at a time when we promise meaningful social change. The best response which we, as Labour Party supporters, can make is to step up our own activity, talking to voters, winning arguments and preparing to elect as many Labour Members of Parliament as possible – which means offering voters in every constituency the opportunity to vote for Labour’s socialist programme in support of the Government which this country needs.


NHS Scot c

Thanks to everyone for your messages of support. Now let’s take our Party’s message back to our streets.

Jon – Chair, Brighton Pavilion Labour Party

Jon Rogers crop



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