Hands Off Moulsecoomb Primary School

Pavilion Labour believes that our schools are better run under council management within the local education authority.  So we are asking everyone to support the campaign to stop the forced academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary School.

Please sign the petition saying no to the forced academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary School here and, while you’re at it, please also sign here to support the petition saying hands off Peacehaven Community School, under similar threat of academisation.

There will be a campaign meeting at Moulsecoomb Primary from 6pm – 7.30pm on Tuesday 18 June.  If you want to help defend state schools, please go along.

Moulsecoomb flyer


Councillor Nick Childs, Labour Chair of the Children, Young People and Skills committee for Brighton and Hove City Council, has confirmed our Labour Council will do everything it can to keep Moulsecoomb Primary School under council management, saying:

“Our new administration’s preferred position is in favour of maintaining all local authority controlled schools.
“We are fundamentally opposed to this attempt by the Regional Schools Commissioner to tell the people of Brighton & Hove that we must hand over our community school to become a private academy company without local accountability.
“The council will be arranging a parental and staff ballot regarding the Academy Order and we will be sharing the results of this ballot with the Commissioner.
“I very much hope that this will be reflected in any final decision made about the school.
“We shall also be writing to the Secretary of State to request that the school be re-inspected in the autumn, and asking for the privatisation process to be halted in the interim.
“In the meantime we have a great head and staff team working at the school, and the comprehensive package of support we have put in place to improve academic standards there will continue.”

Pavilion Labour members agree!  Please support this vital campaign.

Moulsecoomb Sch_08.06.19

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