Together we can achieve!

Join us on Saturday 9 March at Brighton’s celebration of International Women’s Day .  Throughout the day Pavilion Labour women will be running a stall at the International Women’s Day event in The Dome.  This is the brilliant Brighton celebration organised annually by Brighton Women’s Centre.  As it runs from 10am to 5pm, all volunteers are welcome.  

Brighton & Hove Labour women at #IWD2017

This year we shall be joined by Labour candidates for the Brighton & Hove council elections on 2 May and we’re hoping to take a photo of with as many of our Labour women candidates as possible, probably around about 3pm.  So, if you are interested in finding out about Labour’s council campaign or Pavilion Labour campaigns in general, come along to our Brighton #IWD2019 stall.  





Corbyn supporter 1_3 cropInternational Women’s Day is an important day to celebrate the amazing achievements of women worldwide and to celebrate the strides women have made in the fight for equality, as well as recognising how far we still need to go.  The theme for #IWD2019 is #BalanceforBetter and the vital aim of building a gender-balanced world.  This fits well with Pavilion Labour’s priority campaigning this year to #StandWithTrans and support transgender rights.  Visit our Brighton #IWD2019 stall to hear more about our campaign.


Another of our campaigns which we’ll be featuring during #IWD2019 will be our long-running and very successful campaign to end period povertyIf you are able to, perhaps you might bring along some spare sanitary pads as these essentials for women are often overlooked in foodbank donations.  Women should not have to choose between food and sanitary products and Labour policy is that sanitary products should be available free to women and girls at schools, hospitals and foodbanks.  Pavilion Labour women have discussed this and we believe sanitary products should be available free to women and girls from all public services and also be provided by leading private sector organisations – following the initiative taken by Brighton and Hove Albion.  Come on The Seagulls, we say!  

Group crop
Labour Women: Together we can achieve!


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