Support Transgender People

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Pavilion Labour’s motion to 2019 Labour Women’s Conference calls on Labour Women and Labour’s NEC to promote widely the Party’s policy of trans inclusivity, to consider how trans people can be supported to fully participate in our Party, and to ensure that Labour is inclusive of all.

Our motion calls for a campaign for equality for all. We think that’s the sort of change all Labour members believe in. However, in determining the agenda, Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee (WCAC) has ruled our motion out of order saying that it proposes organisational change. Our delegates will be challenging that ruling at #LabWomen2019.

We’ve already had this argument at Labour South East’s 2018 Regional Conference. Last November, thanks to support from Unite South East Region, CWU South East Region, Unison SouthEast, GMB Southern Region, the vast majority of Labour Party members at #LabSE18, and our terrific delegates, Pavilion Labour’s resolution supporting the full participation of trans-people in the Labour Party was discussed and overwhelmingly passed by that conference despite the same initial refusal to put it on that conference agenda by the Regional CAC and the outgoing Regional Board.  Read all about that here!

In adopting our motion, Labour in the South East region has committed itself to ensuring that our party is a safe space, inclusive of all people and a champion of equality for all people – and to widely promoting such policies. Consequently, as well as having the support once again of our friends in the CWU, Unite and Unison, we hope that all delegates from the South East to #LabWomen2019 will support our delegates Katie and Elaine when they argue for the reinstatement of our resolution to the conference agenda.

Members and delegates left 2018 South East regional conference feeling empowered in achieving the clear democratic will of conference to discuss and subsequently adopt Pavilion Labour’s motion. Now there’s the chance for Labour Women to do the same. If you’re going, please support us in Telford at Labour Women’s Conference this February.

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