15 February Comedy Night

Roll up!  Roll up!  A little angel at Pavilion Labour has arranged a night of hilarious alternative comedy at Latest Music Bar on Friday 15 February.

Doors open at 7pm on Friday 15 February for a fantastic night of comedy at the Latest Music Bar, 14-17 Manchester Street, Brighton BN2 1TF.  Catch-up with friends, join in the silent auction, enjoy the raffle (we know you love ’em!) then laugh the night away with top-rated character actress Jo Neary and high class comedians Dyball and Kerr, who will be on stage from 8pm.

You can expect characters and oddball stand-up, but as well as our Chair, why not watch a teaser of Dyball and Kerr‘s well-crafted sketch-based comedy here:


We hope that many members will be able to join us for this fundraiser for Labour’s local election campaign.  A night of comedy for £11.25 is great value, so please buy your tickets here.

16.02.19 Comedy image

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