Notice of AGM


The AGM of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party (CLP) will take place on Saturday 8 December 2018, beginning 11am at Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF.

Candidates and Voting

Valid and confirmed bona fide General Committee (GC) delegates in post for the AGM will be eligible to vote at the CLP AGM and to stand for election to the Executive Committee (EC).

All branches and affiliates must notify their GC delegates to the CLP Secretary by 11am on 24 November 2018.

Elections to the Executive Committee

Elections will be held for the voting members of the EC.  Subject to constitutional amendments to be considered by the AGM, the EC posts to be elected may comprise:

A.  CLP Officers:

    1. Chair
    2. Vice-Chair
    3. Vice-Chair (Membership)
    4. Secretary
    5. Treasurer
    6. Women’s Officer
    7. Policy Officer
    8. Youth Officer
    9. BAME Officer
    10. Disability Officer
    11. LGBT+ Officer
    12. Trade Union Liaison Officer
    13. Political Education Officer
    14. Communications and Social Media Officer
    15. Older People’s Officer

B.  Four further Executive members

C.  One Trades Union member – elected from and by the trades union delegates to the GC only.

Nominations are invited for all posts pending the CLP’s formal adoption of constitutional changes agreed by 2018 Labour Conference following the Democracy Review.  The AGM will consider constitutional amendments to establish posts 10 – 15, and may decide that these new officers (if adopted) can replace sections B, C and the delegate appointed by the Co-operative Party (where it is affiliated to the CLP) as voting members of the EC.

At least half of the elected Officers and a minimum of half the Executive Committee must self-identify as women.

Nominations for Sections A and B

Any branch or affiliated organisation can nominate any bona fide GC delegate as a candidate for sections A and B.

For the avoidance of doubt, nominations are not restricted to any branch or affiliate’s own delegates, but may be made from among all valid GC delegates who will be in post from December 2018 on.

Nominations for Section C

Only trades unions affiliated to Brighton Pavilion CLP can nominate candidates for section C.  Nominees for Section C must be bona fide GC delegates from trades union branches who will be in post from December 2018 on.


The AGM will also elect two auditors for the CLP, at least one of whom must self-identify as a woman.

Other Business

The AGM will receive interim accounts and annual reports from Officers and the EC, consider amendments to the constitution of Brighton Pavilion CLP and deal with any motions proposed to the AGM, plus any other urgent business of the CLP including decisions relating to 2019 Labour Women’s Conference (eg; electing up to two CLP delegates, agreeing one 250 word motion and deciding upon any WCAC nominations).

Deadline for Receipt of Nominations and Other Business

All nominations will close at 11am on Saturday 24 November 2018.  Late nominations and proposals will not be accepted.

Nominations and any other proposals for the AGM should be submitted to the CLP Secretary by email to by 11am on Saturday 24 November 2018.  If an acknowledgement is not received within a reasonable period, please re-submit your original email to the CLP Secretary and copy the CLP Chair at .


Any questions about the AGM can be emailed to the CLP Secretary at or posted to:

The Secretary

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party

11 Dorset Street



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