Pavilion Labour will be celebrating diversity, campaigning for equality and enjoying all the fun at Brighton Pride on 4 August 2018. 

Look out for the Labour block on the Pride parade, with friends from Pavilion, Kemptown and Hove joined by LGBT Labour, or find one of our Pavilion Labour street stalls along the London Road, or meet-up at the Labour stall inside Party in the Park. 

Labour has a proud record of championing the fight for LGBT+ equality.  Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned for LGBT+ people for over 30 years, voting consistently to support LGBT+ rights, for equality and an end to discrimination.  Let’s make Jeremy Corbyn Britain’s next Prime Minister, to replace Tory Theresa May who’s prepared to get in bed with the DUP – a party of homophobes. 

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We say no to austerity, yes to equality!  Back Labour for a Government which will deliver equality and: 

  • Develop inclusive and age appropriate Sex and Relationship Education, made compulsory for all children in state-funded schools. 
  • Equip teachers to tackle homophoblc, transphobic and bi-phobic bullying in schools, with a zero tolerance approach. 
  • Focus on LGBT+ health and wellbeing.  20170805_114503_resized - Copy
  • Reduce waiting times for access to hormone treatment to 6 – 9 months. 
  • Work towards universal provision of PrEP across the UK.  Protect LGBT+ asylum seekers. 
  • Instil a zero-tolerance approach to prejudice towards LGBT people within the NHS. 

This weekend we’re partying at Pride.  Every day we campaign to: 

  • Reform the Gender Recognition Act & the Equality Act 2010 to ensure they protect Trans people. 
  • Make LGBT+ hate crimes aggravated offences.
  • End austerity and stop Tory cuts to LGBT+ support services. 
  • And much more… Take a look at our promises on equality

Because we’re #LabourAndProud!


LRM with flag +SC_DJames

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