Calling Labour Candidates!

Now is the time to put yourself forward to be a Labour candidate for Brighton and Hove City Council in 2019.

Please consider standing to be a Labour candidate at the May 2109 local elections in Brighton & Hove. Labour’s Local Campaign Forum (LCF) is encouraging the widest range of Party members to come forward now so that all our branches have a real choice when we hold our selection meetings in the coming months.

The LCF is looking for more applicants than ever to make sure we secure a Labour majority on Brighton & Hove City Council in 2019, to change Brighton and Hove and make life better and fairer for the many and not the few in our city. The LCF is the body which oversees the process of candidate selection, candidate support, and election campaigning. Labour wants candidates who reflect Brighton and Hove’s diversity. Our starting point is that we want as many prospective applicants as possible from all backgrounds.

If you would like to hear more about what it means to be a councillor, come along to an open meeting of the LCF at the Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF, starting 7.30pm on Wednesday 28 March to hear from young London Labour councillor Emina Ibrahim, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP and others.



Have you ever thought of serving your community by becoming a city councillor? If so, this could be your year to apply. Being a councillor gives you the opportunity to represent local residents and groups by engaging on a regular basis so you know what the local issues are and how best to voice voters’ concerns, to promote Labour’s manifesto and improve your ward. You will also be making decisions about the policies which the Council will implement.

Find more information about being a councillor and the roles of a Labour councillor here.

Selection of Labour candidates is a democratic process determined by Labour Party members in local branches. If you are interested in putting yourself forward, please contact the LCF Secretary on . (If you have already contacted the LCF Secretary there is no need to do so again.) You will be sent further information and an application (“nomination”) form, to be completed and returned by Tuesday 3 April.

Would-be Labour candidates will be interviewed during April. A list of potential Labour candidates will be approved by the LCF when it meets on 8 May. Branches will hold shortlisting meetings (where members decide which candidates to invite to a selection meeting) and then selection meetings, where all shortlisted candidates speak and answer questions, before branch members vote to decide the candidates they want to represent Labour in their ward in the 2019 local elections.

More information will be available soon. For now the most important point is to encourage interested Party members to come forward as possible Labour candidates before the deadline of 3 April 2018.  Please do consider standing.








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