Our NHS – Fix It Now!

Thousands march again in London

(c) London Health Emergency

Earlier this month on 3 February, Labour Party members from Brighton and Hove joined health workers, trades unionists, patients, NHS campaigners and concerned members of the public, travelling up to London for another massive march in support of our NHS.

Sussex Defend the NHS organised a fantastic send-off rally outside Brighton Station, giving everyone unable to go to London the opportunity to send their support and solidarity with the marchers arriving for the early train up to the capital.

(c) Sussex Defend the NHS

Among other speakers from Brighton and Hove District Trades Council, health workers, the RMT and Sussex Defend the NHS, Katrina Miller (Pavilion Labour and Withdean Branch) sent our solidarity and support to Sussex Defend the NHS and the day’s marchers.  Katrina reminded us all of the damage being done to our local health and social care services by Jeremy Hunt and the Tory government and urged us to make as much angry noise as possible!  If you’re new to NHS campaigning, Katrina has suggested people read and sign this petition to find out more and get things started.

It was a brilliant day in London and as usual hardly got any attention from the mainstream media, even though estimates of the numbers were well over 70,000.

Health Campaigns Together is already building for a massive march in London on Saturday 30 June to mark the 70th birthday of our NHS – and celebrate the tremendous and unflagging work, day in, day out, of all our health workers who are keeping services going in the face of the current dreadful onslaught of Tory privatisation policies.

Watch this space for how you can join in NHS campaign days coming up across Brighton and Hove.  Find out the devastating realities of what this Tory government is doing as it attempts to destroy our NHS as a public service – and get involved with your local Branch Labour Party.  We won’t stop fighting for our NHS until it’s saved!

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