Help win East Brighton for Nancy!



The East Brighton council by-election is on Thursday 8 February 2018.  Thank you to everyone who has helped the campaign to elect Labour’s candidate Nancy Platts during January. Now we just need one final push during these last few days, and especially on polling day this Thursday, to make sure that Nancy is elected as the next Labour councillor representing East Brighton.  If you have any spare time, please read on…

If you want to volunteer in Nancy’s campaign for East Brighton and need more information, email Alex Darby – Vice-Chair/Campaigns for Brighton Kemptown CLP – at .



The forecast is pretty good for early February but, come rain or shine, Nancy’s campaign team will be out and you can make the difference by joining-in and helping the team to reach more East Brighton voters.  With your coat, gloves and hat, and some nice comfy shoes, you’ll soon be in the swing of things, and car drivers will also be needed to ferry other campaigners around.  See you out on the campaign trail!

Nancy and the campaign team will appreciate your help this final weekend at any of these times and places:

  • Tuesday 6 Feb – from 6pm – 8pm at 3 Arlington Mews, 162 Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 0AL.
  • Wednesday 7 Feb – from 11am – 3pm at the FBU Office, 11 Hunns Mere Way, Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6AH
  • Thursday 8 Feb – from 9.30am – 9.15pm at 3 Arlington Mews, 162 Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 0AL.  If you can help on the day, please let Nancy’s team know your availability by completing this form 

EB final week to polling day_02.18

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