AGM summary report

Delegates to the AGM of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party (CLP) met on Wednesday 6 December 2017 to receive the annual reports of our Executive Committee (known as the ‘EC’ or ‘Exec’) elected at the previous AGM on 4 February 2017, and to elect a new Exec for the year ahead – to run our Party and administer its business in the Brighton Pavilion constituency.

The meeting thanked all members who have worked hard to re-establish our local Party structures since the CLP was reconvened in February 2017, as well as all local members and supporters who have campaigned with our Party during the year and who donate to Pavilion Labour.  The Treasurer emphasised that those donations need to keep coming in!

The AGM adopted the constitution laid before it and debated a series of constitutional amendments, all but one of which was agreed.  The AGM accepted the outgoing Officers’ Reports and the interim accounts to 31 October.  (The final accounts to the year-end, will be presented, after audit, to the March GC Meeting.)  Delegates at the AGM also warmly received and accepted the CLP Development Plan, proposed by the outgoing Executive Committee.

The constitutional changes included the creation of the two new Executive posts of BAME Officer and Youth Officer, plus the Exec has been expanded with the addition of two delegates – one each representing affiliated trades unions and the Co-operative Party.

You can find out more about each of Pavilion Labour’s 14 current Executive members here and our full Executive Committee plus our auditors for 2018 are as shown below.  NB: The two auditors also elected at the AGM are independent of the Executive and not Exec members.



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