Labour Conference will always be welcome in Brighton and Hove

October’s meeting of the General Committee (GC) of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party overwhelmingly passed an emergency motion proposed by our Regency Branch, making clear that Labour Party Conference is welcome back to our city.  This responded to unfounded allegations to the contrary repeated at the Tory Party Conference and in Parliament.

Regency Branch includes the Brighton Centre, where our Party held its most successful Annual Conference in many years last month.  Local Party members are concerned to make clear that – contrary to stories in the Tory Press, which have been seized upon in desperation by failing “lame duck” Prime Minister Theresa May, to smear the Labour Party – the great success of Labour’s 2017 Conference was welcomed by local people in Brighton and Hove.

We hope that all Labour Party bodies locally will join us in expressing support and solidarity for our Party.

#Lab17 crop
Our 2017 Conference at the Brighton Centre showcased Labour – Western Europe’s biggest political party – united and moving forward with policies to transform Britain to benefit the many not the few

This is the text of the motion which was agreed:

We reject completely Theresa May’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference where she makes a desperate attempt to distract from her own party’s failings by smearing our Party Conference with unfounded allegations.

Regency Branch Labour Party and Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party are pleased to have hosted a truly inspiring and hopefully unifying Labour Party Conference last week.

As well as the lively and good-natured proceedings of Conference itself, we welcomed more than 400 wide-ranging Fringe meetings and over 200 hours of the stimulating and inspiring “The World Transformed” festival, all conducted in the spirit of inclusivity, equality and diversity that is the hallmark of our city.

As a branch and a Constituency party we see hosting Conference as both a privilege and an enhancement to the life of our beautiful city and enthusiastically anticipate the return of Conference in future years, commencing, we hope, in 2019.

Liz Davies on FMH steps
Labour Conference 2017 in Brighton was so popular that many fringe events had to run overspill events outside the main meeting, like this one at the Friends’ Meeting House


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