Get involved – your Labour Party needs you!

If you are reading this and are not already a Labour Party member, now is the time to join – but these comments are addressed to those of you who have already taken that step.

Now that you are a Labour Party member you have the right, and the opportunity – but also the duty – to get as involved as you can in our Party so that we can transform our society.

IMG_20170603_150619675Politics is far too important to be left to politicians (even the best socialist politicians) and your opinions matter as much as anyone else’s.  You can find details elsewhere on this site about your local branch meeting, where you are welcome to come along and share your views.

Brighton Pavilion Labour Party is deeply committed to democracy in our Party – and that means that you can express your opinions, framed as a motion which can be voted upon at your local Branch Labour Party.  If it is supported by a majority, your motion can then be debated at our monthly General Committee (GC) meeting and go forward to form Labour Party policy.

Soon we will have a new Local Campaign Forum for Brighton and Hove which will organise the selection of Labour candidates for the local elections due in May 2019.

There is no special magic to being a Council candidate or a Councillor, and if Labour Party members (like you) are going to have a democratic choice when it comes to selecting candidates then Labour Party members (like you) need to start thinking about putting yourself forward.

Joining the Labour Party is an important way of expressing support for and solidarity with the socialist policies set out in our 2017 General Election manifesto – but becoming more deeply involved in the activity of the Party is an even more important step to take.

Your Party needs you.

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