Private renter? Make your voice heard!

Our thanks to Councillor Tracey M Hill for this guest blog:

Around one in three homes in Brighton and Hove is privately rented.  Private rented housing is more likely to be in poor condition than other types of housing.  The Labour-led Council’s proposed new licensing scheme will require landlords to register the homes they rent with the council, make properties available for inspection and provide evidence that they are offering a proper tenancy and keeping homes safe and well maintained.

We are proposing extending the current HMO licensing so that it is citywide.  Selective licensing is proposed in 12 wards across the city.  In these wards, all private rented homes would need a licence.  (There are some exceptions such as owner occupied homes – see this link for details.)

A good home for every family

With a possible 27,000 homes to register, this is a large-scale proposal which will make a difference to thousands of people.  Landlord groups are already mobilising their members against our plans.  It’s important that the voices of private renting tenants are heard.  Please respond to the consultation and share this link to encourage others.  The deadline for responses is September 10th.

Please join me to hand out leaflets at Brighton station from 7.30am on Tuesday 1st August, Wednesday 9th August, Thursday 17th August and Monday 21st August.  Let me know you’re coming.  If you can you help on other dates, I’m hoping Labour Branches will organise street stalls.  Any ideas or offers for publicity are welcome.

Tracey M Hill, Labour Councillor for Hollingdean & Stanmer


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