A message from Solomon Curtis

I am honoured to have been chosen as your Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion – a seat that as recently as 2010 was held by Labour.

Progressive Alliance

No doubt you have learned from the media that the Greens proposed a so-called progressive alliance in Brighton, and suggestions have been made that Labour stand aside in Pavilion.

But I have to tell you that no formal approach has been made by the Green Party in the city and their candidate for Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, said at a meeting in which I took part, that she was not asking Labour to stand aside in Pavilion.

A progressive alliance is about stopping the Tories – and the Tories will not win in Pavilion.  By electing a Labour MP, this constituency’s voice will be best heard.  Only Labour can form an alternative government to the Tories.

We, the members, have chosen a party leader in Jeremy Corbyn who presents a radical alternative programme for government.  This is our opportunity to turn that radical programme into reality.  But we can only do that if we have enough Labour MPs to form a government.

The nominations have been submitted. I now want to focus on the real issues in this election – the ones that really matter to voters.


10.05.17 crop
Solomon Curtis speaking to Pavilion Labour members, 10 May 2017


About me

As a 20 year-old final year BA Politics undergraduate at Sussex University, I know the enormous disadvantages facing young people, particularly in Brighton. Education cuts, job insecurity, low wages, unemployment, high rents, the impossibility of getting on the housing ladder, plus crippling tuition fees and student loans to name but a few.

Brighton prides itself in its rich diversity.  But parliament does not represent that diversity.  By helping me become your MP, we will go at least some way towards redressing that balance.

This is the most important election in a generation

I will be an MP for all the people of Pavilion. I also want to see an NHS and social care service that is there when we need it most, so that people do not have to live in fear of old age or infirmity.

Brighton has many people who commute every day to work, or travel for leisure and other reasons.  We have been badly let down by our railway service in recent years.  Those who rely on the trains are reporting jobs lost, families under strain, while businesses in Brighton are suffering.  This cannot go on.  The railways will be brought back into public ownership by a Labour government, where rail will serve the people not the profiteers.

I also want to see a Brighton that has a clean, pleasant and sustainable environment, where we care for our city, including its plant and wildlife.  And let me be clear, I am firmly opposed to bringing back fox hunting which Labour banned in 2004!


13.05.17_Sydney St
Solomon campaigning against the Tories’ £13m cuts to Brighton & Hove schools’ budgets


How you can help

You can simply put up a vote Labour poster in your window. Please contact your local branch or the Labour Party office in Dorset Street for these.


We would love your help in this campaign. You can find out when we are canvassing and holding street stalls on the What’s On page . Precise location details will not be given but you can contact your local branch for those.  I will be getting to as many of these events as I can and will be delighted if you can come along too.  Please let me know if you would like to join in by emailing solomon@pavilionlabour.org.uk

You can also help by donating either via my Crowdpac here or direct to Brighton Pavilion Labour Party here.  There are also other ways to donate.

So I hope you will support me in any way you can.  If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact our campaign team: elections@pavilionlabour.org.uk or follow my campaign on twitter or Facebook.

And remember, for a Labour Government nationally, vote for a Labour MP locally on June 8.  In Brighton Pavilion vote Solomon Curtis, in Brighton Kemptown vote Lloyd Russell-Moyle, in Hove & Portslade vote Peter Kyle on June 8.

Bhelm members best

Solomon Curtis

Labour Candidate for MP, Brighton Pavilion





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