Michelle Thew

Michelle Thew headshotUPDATE, 8 May 2015 : Brighton Pavilion Labour Party regrets that, for personal reasons, Michelle Thew has withdrawn as Labour’s candidate for Brighton Pavilion in the June 2017 General Election.  Michelle has passed on her apologies to Labour voters, members and supporters, and confirmed that our campaign for Labour nationwide and across Brighton & Hove’s three parliamentary seats including Pavilion, continues to have her full support as a Labour Party member.

Pavilion Labour Chair, Jon Rogers, said: “Labour Party members in Brighton Pavilion will do all we can to work for a Labour Government to replace the brutal and vicious Government of Theresa May.”

Chief Executive of a prominent international charity, Michelle, from Hove, has a long career leading national and international voluntary organisations.  Labour members in Brighton Pavilion wish her every success in the future.

Vote Labour on Thursday 8 June! 

Michelle said “People want to vote for a party that can form a government, with a candidate who can represent their interests in government – and, in Brighton Pavilion, that is a Labour candidate.”


“As a local resident and a commuter myself, I know that our train service is one of the top concerns of local people.  The outgoing Government has turned a blind eye as passengers, including me, have been left high and dry by delays, cancellations and a poor excuse for a service.

A Labour Government will have a clear plan to end the chaos, bringing our railways into public ownership, keeping fares down and ensuring our railway is run in the interests of people and our environment.”

Vote Labour on Thursday 8 June. 




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