For a Labour Victory!

Theresa May has called a snap General Election in the hope of securing a majority in Parliament for a reactionary programme of social division and a catastrophic “hard Brexit” – but we have an opportunity to trip her up and change the direction of our country for the better by voting Labour.  (Register by 22 May to vote in the General Election on 8 June.  It only takes a couple of minutes to register online with your National Insurance number and you can still register even without an NIC number – it just takes a little longer.)

Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, our Party has already unveiled a series of popular and progressive policies, including the ten pound minimum wage and free school meals for all primary schoolchildren, as well as support for small businesses, carers, pensioners, and our high streets, while investing to reduce inequality, introducing a maximum 20-1 pay ratio, and ensuring that big companies will pay fair taxes.  In the coming weeks we also need to make the British people realise that another Tory Government will destroy our National Health Service as well as comprehensive education.

pensioners promises

Our most important task is to offer our people hope and to warn people that they can eliminate the dread of another Tory Government by voting Labour.  Labour has the policies which will make a fairer society – and a response to last year’s EU Referendum which would stop the United Kingdom becoming the bargain basement tax haven of which the Tories dream.

Labour stands for equality and social justice at home and for peace and internationalism abroad.  Our policies are in the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people of this country.  Our mass membership will now unite in campaigning for these policies – and deny Theresa May the majority she is seeking.

Govt contracting awards_13.04.17

Our goal is a Labour Government implementing socialist policies – our immediate objective must be to defend every Labour seat and defeat as many Tories as possible, focusing on Labour-Tory marginals.  In Brighton Pavilion we will know who our candidate is by Wednesday 3 May – and we have already begun our campaign.

This is the most important General Election in a generation and the choice facing our country could not be clearer.  On the one hand the most reactionary Tory Government in living memory – and on the other a Labour Party offering a clear, coherent socialist alternative.

11.03.17 leaflet - crop

Labour stands for a fairer society that cares for all and an economy that works for all.

It is time for us all to step up to the challenge before us: 

Vote Labour on Thursday 8 June! 

Vote Labour

You can get involved in our General Election campaign in various ways:

  • Make a donation – email Amanda for details via or download our standing order form here
  • Put up a Vote Labour poster and let us know if you would like a larger Vote Labour board for your garden. 
  • Deliver leaflets to your street or block of flats, or help us bundle leaflets ready for delivery.
  • Come out campaigning with us, either when we go door-to-door or when we run street stalls, or talk to people by phone when we run phone banks.
  • Volunteer to help on election day, 8 June.

To find out more about our General Election campaign in Brighton Pavilion constituency, phone 01273 550121 or drop by our constituency offices at 11 Dorset Street, Brighton BN2 8WA, anytime from 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday. 




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