Involved, Radical, Inspired…

Get involved… Get radical… Be inspired… The theme of this year’s Brighton International Women’s Day could easily be a description of Pavilion Labour Women, and Labour women in general, says our Women’s Officer Elaine Bewley.

Throughout Saturday 4 March Pavilion Labour women will be running a stall at the International Women’s Day event in The Dome.  This is the brilliant Brighton celebration organised annually by Brighton Women’s Centre.  As it runs from 10am to 4pm, all volunteers are welcome.  This year many sisters will be absent, quite understandably supporting the #OurNHS protest in London.  So, if you are not travelling to support the national march, we could really do with your help on our Brighton #IWD2017 stall.  


Labour women from Kemptown, Hove & Portslade will be joining us for Brighton International Women’s Day at the Dome, Saturday 4 March 2017



Brighton International Women’s Day is a great opportunity for us to meet other women and make the case for Labour.  We shall be working together with women from Kemptown Labour and Hove & Portslade.  The more volunteers come forward, the more we get to know each other.  The larger our team, the more women we can speak to about Labour’s great policies for women, plus the freer each of us can be to have a look around the event and enjoy the day.  Take a look at the full programme for the day to see all the interesting workshops and everything else going on.


If you want to volunteer, writes Elaine, please contact me at indicating what time(s) you will be available at Brighton Dome on Saturday 4 March.  Do also send in your ideas for our stall.  I know that we have some brilliant bakers among our members.  I was hoping for some red velvet cake in particular…  However long or short a time you can stay for on 4th March, please do come along to the Dome to say hello.  I am really looking forward to meeting as many of our great women members as possible. 

women-in-unison-donate-to-bwc_02-17If you are able to, perhaps you might bring along some spare sanitary pads as these essentials for women are often overlooked in foodbank donations.  As BWC has been highlighting in its recent campaign, women should not have to choose between food and sanitary products.  It was great to see UNISON women donating sanitary pads to BWC during their recent #uwomen17 conference in Brighton.


Elaine Bewley

After International Women’s Day, I shall be calling a meeting of Pavilion’s Women’s Forum.  


One of my priorities is to encourage each of our branches to elect its own Women’s Officer, so that we can create an effective support team, campaigning around the issues of particular importance to women.  I would like to visit all branches to meet members and learn about your concerns and priorities in your local area.  I also want to encourage more women to become delegates and representatives.  Immediately after the March General Committee meeting I will hold a short gathering with any women delegates who would like to join me.

I hope you have seen our new Pavilion Labour Women twitter account @PavilionWomen.  Please follow and let me know the campaigns or issues you are passionate about.  Don’t forget, you can email Pavilion Labour’s Women’s Officer, on

Elaine Bewley, 19 February 2017

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