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Promoted by Claire Wadey, on behalf of Brighton Pavilion Constituency Labour Party, both at 11 Dorset Street, Brighton BN2 1WA

Latest news

24.09.17 CfCPavilion Labour sends a personal welcome to everyone coming to Labour Conference 2017, in our home town of Brighton from 23 – 27 September.  In the Conference Hall we will be asking delegates to support our constitutional amendment; while, outside at the fringe, we have arranged a very special welcome for everyone with Sunday’s Concerts for Corbyn, and will also be enjoying Stand up for Labour and Jazz for Labour on Monday and Tuesday.

As we say in Pavilion Labour – celebrate diversity, fight prejudice, and have fun!  Please support our rule change and support our events at #Lab17!

Btn graffiti being humanPavilion Labour will be celebrating diversity, campaigning for equality and enjoying all the fun at Brighton Pride on 5 August 2017.  Labour has a proud record of championing the fight for LGBT+ equality.  Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned for LGBT people for over 30 years, voting consistently to support LGBT+ rights, for equality and an end to discrimination.  Let’s make Jeremy our next Prime Minister and back Labour for a Government which will say no to austerity, yes to equality.  Because we’re #LabourAndProud!

Around one-third of all private homes in Brighton & Hove are privately rented.  youth homelessness auHollingdean & Stanmer Labour Councillor Tracey Hill asks all private renters to make sure that they respond to the Council’s consultation proposing new licensing regulations for private landlords before 10 September 2017.  Labour believes that everybody has the right to decent, safe and affordable housing.  Please support Labour councillors taking this step towards providing that for private renters in our city.

IMAG3635There is everything to play for in the final days of this election campaign, and our Chair, Jon Rogers, asks all members to make one last push for Labour in Pavilion and to help with our campaign in Brighton Pavilion as the country faces a clear choice between the Tories and Labour.

C Tower 4There is nothing you can do in the next week and a half that is more important than maximising the Labour vote on Thursday 8 June writes our Chair, Jon Rogers, urging all Labour members and supporters to encourage everyone you know to vote Labour (whoever the candidate) and to volunteer for your local Labour Party in order to leaflet, knock on doors, stand on street stalls, or whatever needs doing in your local Labour Campaign office.  In Brighton Pavilion that means working for our candidate, Solomon Curtis.

10.05.17 cropIn a personal message from Solomon Curtis, Labour’s candidate for Brighton Pavilion explains that he wants to focus on the issues which really matter to voters in the General Election – securing our NHS, funding our schools and public services, job insecurity and low wages, high rents, the housing crisis, crippling tuition fees and student loans, to name but a few; and asks for your support on 8 June.

untitledPavilion Labour welcomes Solomon Curtis as our Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion at the 2017 General Election, following the withdrawal, for personal reasons, of Michelle Thew. Let’s do all we can to work for a Labour Government to replace the current Government of Theresa May, with a fairer and more caring alternative, which will ensure Britain’s economy works in the interests of the overwhelming majority of people, not the wealthy few.  Vote Labour on 8 June.  Solomon Curtis for MP!

Vote LabourLabour stands for equality and social justice at home and for peace and internationalism abroad.  Our policies are in the interests of the overwhelming majority of people and our members are united in campaigning for a Labour Government to stop the Tories taking Britain backwards. For an economy that works for all, vote Labour on 8 June and get involved with our 2017 General Election campaign.

The six year old war in Syria has caused untold misery.  As Labour’s leadership stands out against action that escalates conflict, Theresa May’s focus is on arms sales and her Government offers nothing constructive towards peace in the Middle East.  By contrast, Labour believes in an ethical foreign policy.

sabsWhose NHS? OurNHS! – This was always going to be great! … So begins Ian McIsaac’s report from the national demonstration and march through London to Parliament on Saturday 4 March…  Labour is determined to stop the Tories destroying our NHS.  Ultimately we need your support to do that.  Please vote Labour.

Welcome from our Chair – Jon Rogers, honoured to have been elected as the new Chair of Brighton Pavilion Labour Party, introduces himself and encourages all Labour members and supporters to participate in our local Labour Party.

Meet Our Exec – find out more about each of the members of our new Executive Committee, elected by our members to run Brighton Pavilion Labour Party and administer our Party’s business day-to-day.